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There is water on Mars!

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This title ran the world these days. It’s the most logical and normal. The sad thing is that there is no running water on the surface of Mars.
NASA scientists reported that analysis of these tests from the Marslander Phoenix, who is parked on the surface of Mars tested positive for H2O, Hydrogen on the subject of heated soil material in one of its furnaces.
There were heated until the material vaporizes water included. Sensors inside these ovens analyzed the elements and confirmed the first time in human history, there is another planet with water. There is not water in liquid form, because the low temperature freezes everything almost instantly.
But in ten centimeter increments, ice, snow, and I presume in a higher depth liquid water runs too.
It’s to celebrate. Nothing better, than with a glass of water. Water on Mars. What does it mean that? The odds of finding another planet with water were zero in scientific opinion.
Or rather. The odds of another planet there were zero in scientific opinion.
They found more than two hundred extra-solar planets; some has elements of hydrogen in its atmosphere. Detectable by color. Each elements filters in another color different light spectra.
Some moons of planets in our system are very likely to have water on its surface, even frozen.
If two planets have water in a system, then doubled the likelihood of the number of planets with water in the entire universe.
Mars has water at a depth of less than ten cm.
Mars has atmosphere.
Mars has the same soil as here on earth. May be richer in basic elements than ours.
Mars had volcanic eruptions as seen in some photos, also today still leaking gas or hot water as the geysers in Iceland. It means there is heat in the Mars.
You know that our planet does not get enough heat of the sun to keep living our life? That’s right. Without the internal temperature of the earth, though we are nearer the sun than Mars, we would be frozen.
More important than the suns heat, is the heat in the interior of a planet or moon. Life is easily adapted to different situations.
In cold places there is no life, or rather there not start living for chemical reasons. Some reactions do not work. Life itself can be maintained once alive and living easier in frozen areas.
Today marks the temperature on Mars twenty three degrees Celsius below zero. Not to go swimming in a river, but to experience different sports offered by the cold, ice or snow is excellent.
To work at these temperatures there is no problem. The engines need a sticker to the fuel and antifreeze water. The houses heating. The man good clothes. The animals neither one nor the other. They all set.
Drinking water is easy. I’m not the only one who tore a piece of ice from a bucket of frozen water or ate a little snow. It is tasteless but pure water. An animal has fewer problems drinking or eating some snow or ice to quench his thirst.
The first argument against life on other planets was
1. First there is no other planet-there is!
2. Planets do not have water, there is!
3. It is very cold-not matter as long as there is volcanic activity in a stellar body.
4. The atmosphere here is not as toxic and therefore can be-for us, but nobody wants to talk about the past from us.
We were not born as breathing oxygen. No, carbon dioxide was an asset to us! This gas, now so toxic. The methane gas that exists or is produced in the putrefaction of organic food. That was at that time rich and kept us alive.
In the beginning, in the era before there were trees and photosynthesis, the filter and the take up of green leaves and delivery of pure oxygen into the atmosphere, there the beginning life breathing this gas mixture, what would be fatal for us today.
But it accumulated so much oxygen that drowned all living beings in this atmosphere. Some day in the past there was a collapse. Sometime in the past it collapsed and a minority of elements won the votes and took and occupy until today the place of the majority.
With the burning of forests may change the mix at any time. In fact already making this change. The air is different as before and so gets warmer. All ingredients can change and eradicate once again on this earth.
That is, the mixing of the atmosphere does not matter. No matter to produce life. It is an adaptation of the cells and some aspects of the blood. Nothing more.
We must know that evolution has no goal or an idol who wants to look. No, life is the goal.
The slow confirmation that leaves me suspect there is water, there is more to report. But when and how and who spends the definitive information, we are not the only life in this universe, is undecided.
There will come the time. Very likely in scales. An intimate germ or biological cell will be the first finding. More will appear just after the finding of little forms of live elephants and everything in the scale between these.
I ask you to read two books for authoritative information on these topics.
Schätzing, Frank: News from an unknown universe.
Hoimar von Ditfurth: In the beginning there was hydrogen
I do not have scientific authority to teach things in biology, geology, astronomy, evolution. Neither do I speak of religion. I am not a missionary or a pastor of any religion, although I am a man of great Faith.
I cannot talk about politics inter stellar, I am not a diplomat. Needless little I can speak with authority. I’m Agronomist, and then biological life, how to produce and maintain healthy life, from plants and soil and what need the different plants, so I can talk about.
But there is so much to talk and if none of the scientists do it because if and why not, so let us comment. Let’s say our opinion with a clear mind and without of scientific doubts.
Let’s talk and think with an open mind. We will speak with courage and Faith. Life is not being enclosed in a cage, once said. Life is like the gravitational force.
Where there is an atom there is gravity and life. Better to say life is also where there is no atom, but to discuss these dimensions and their interaction I do not feel enough authority. No such authority from a force command. Speaking with authority means having academic ability or the experience accumulated in a professional field, to teach.
For some grammatical mistakes and errors at the point of view that I have I apologized. Everything is to give impetus to new thoughts with courage without losing the Faith.

Josef Bauer
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