Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mars hostel biological life

water on mars_0

 Report: # 106

Roots of biological life immersed in liquid water.

Indisputable form of life found on Mars.

These Glass-Tunnels, these pipes are not extraterrestrial engineering artifacts, but are biological beings.

These are Plants with the need for liquid water in its scope. Thus are Similar to the roots of our trees, but without the body of a tree, but without the chlorophyll assimilation.

It is a life form unknown on earth. Roots submerged in the ground, submerged in water, submerged in ice and snow.water on mars_1  These roots are living arts of some form of life and searching for the vital liquid. They are Life’s filtering the liquid in the search for mineral and other more small lives.

Absorbing a large amount of hydrochloride, nitro, chlorine dioxide.

Their cells are full of salt and therefore water is not frozen and not burst the cells. It’s like a water coolant in a radiator of a car. It may also have paraffin in their cells of blood so that the blood in the veins and vein lets can be transported.

What I found is undoubtedly biological life. Plants can grow hundreds or thousands of meters long. The planet Mars is alive! Until the present day, I found these plants, with thousands of roots.

Another form of lives is like a fungus on jam. Others are like sponges. All are survivors of an era with greater volume of water.

All are well adapted to cold. They have so much salt in their veins that they can bring any ice to melts and can again absorb the liquid.

On the image you can see these roots, this biological life submerged in a pool of clear water. There is Crystal clear water and life in a natural set.water on mars_2  Roots immersed in water

Josef Bauer

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