Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Spirits sleeping dragon

dragon of spirit_1
 Report: 122.
It was fortunate for the Marsrover Spirit, the Dragon did not wake. The dragon would have eaten, or worse, would have burned the Rover with a hot fire snitch. Spirit quiet and scared observed a mountain in the landscape visible from a distance. dragon of spirit_2  Source: Spirit Nav. Cam. Sol 1215 - 2N234227480EFFATF3P0600L0M1
Spirit is not sure what he sees directly in front of him on his way. But this thing, what else, that a mountain can be? It can be a freak of nature in the formation of the entire landscape when there was formed incidentally this mountain. Simple may be the explanation, but both seemed to ... I dare not say, but, OK I say: This thing seems too to be a Dragon.
The thought is said!
Now I wonder, because many artists on earth know exactly how to make from ceramic or stone something that no longer exists on earth. Perhaps because the artist they have seen they elsewhere, perhaps on the planet Mars?
In the case of this picture below No. 2 / 5, I am submitting for the comparison between the thing around on Mars, and the work of art published on the website of dawanda, is surprisingly similar.
This art shows a sleeping dragon, but the image that the Spirit himself made, also shows a dragon.dragon of spirit_3  Liegender Drache aus Keramik - Drachenfigur
There is the Dragon Spirit, asleep and dreaming of days of his youth, when he was in this blue planet hunting small animals.dragon of spirit_4  But suddenly a magical force rose to all the dragons to a giant spaceship and brought all these animals to a giant planet, called Mars.
It was a hard time, but now everyone was adapted and now living in caves on Mars. They are only going outside on sunny days to warm up.dragon of spirit_5 While the dragon is ongoing in his dreams, the Spirit is hidden and is trying to go away from this giant dragon. The Spirit has no doubt; incredibly, this thing is a sleeping dragon. The Spirits dragon.dragon of spirit_6
Wallpaper 1024x768
dragon of spirit_8
No dragons, but if there are, there are!
Josef Bauer

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