Thursday, May 27, 2010

Phoenix, a victim of the cold

Reflection: 026.
Phoenix Mars Lander, brought us much joy in our homes. Each day saw new images of its surroundings, although Phoenix did not move from its place. The discovery of ice beneath their feet, snow storms and whirlwinds of dust, even stressful clouds passing over him and also the strong wind, which shook him, all that was impressive.
And less scientific and more child's play was putting soil samples to evaporating it in an oven and to test for hydrogen in the mixture. This work was a ridiculous total.
Imagine the opposite. Someone from Mars coming to visit us and landed on a thick layer of ice and start digging with a shovel out of a toy store and strip on the oven door a sample of our soil.
Although the images alone indicate the presence of hydrogen, still deny the possibility that water exists in one of his element stats on the floor.
NASA did well on Mars, earth bag, but the soil of this sample stayed there days because he could not pass the filter. They let it there days before putting in the oven although knowing that hydrogen once is released from its frozen state the evaporates away.
Finally have some analysis and do not publish the result.
First they have to ask the president of the United States, who was then Mr Bush, if they can say publicly what the elements of this soil of Mars are.
He, Mr. Bush always honest gives the permission and in a press conference declaring his surprise, that the soil is fertile, but very salty and nothing or very little hydrogen, in contrast has a lot of Perchlorate, oil.
In no way is suitable for life, although the soil is as fertile as here in the best agricultural land. A statement made nearly months after the analysis and censored every word of this statement.
But back to Phoenix. Politics is not his fault. He did everything he could and was a lot.
In the months after landing on Mars came the winter and unprotected he got the victim of the cold.

Today death is declared official. Images presented accompany this confirmation. The splendor of his wings and his grace vulnerability was shattered due to pieces.
The weight of thousands of kilos of ice accumulated on its structure broke all its components, its legs, solar cells, probably excavator arms and leave work.
I imagine the cold broke his heart, it was a battery and cable connections were severed.
I hope the next robots are better protected and able to move. Some might be smaller as insects, but thousands of them. This would double the information in a factor of more than tens of thousands.
I think the sending of mini robots would have to be the next step, falling from an orbiting satellite can be distributed by a very large field and every one of them could send pictures and other data from thousands of places at once.
Today NASA itself left a memorándum in tribute to Phoenix, declaring its official death.
The most interesting thing in this statement is confirmation of an environment suitable for life in the form of microbes.
It is said that the coating on the soil of Mars is a mixture of dust and Perchlorate, oil that is in turn a anti freezing and able to absorb and retain hydrogen in this thin layer.
This thin layer is most likely invaded by microbes. The sensation is perfect.
This confirmation is almost hidden in the text, but who wants can draw conclusions.
I wrote some time, that they will recognize first microscopic life and then will appear just elephants.
This wills, I'm convinced.
Everything is ready for a confirmation of extraterrestrial life when they want or need for any new policy to raise money or join the military.
The Vatican has already given its OK, and then they needed only a confirmation of an outstanding scientist.
There, and recently heard a statement from Stephen Hawking, which warns of the danger of contact with ET's
This statement warning and indirectly confirms the existence of extraterrestrials is real. Why speak the greatest scientific mind of a hazard if that has no basis.
He did not criticize a movie like AVATAR or other warfare in a fictional world. No speech of our reality.
Mr. Stephen Hawking is outside of any political persuasion or religion. He is independent and with maximum recognition among the most important scientists of our Elite.
Everything is ready for the big event. Of that, we talk at opportunity time.
 Josef Bauer
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