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The Pillar or the column

Report 163

An artificial column made ​​and cut from a natural material such as stones, rocks, marble or wood, are all signs of static knowledge in construction.

They are also signs of a religious culture. Always the temples and the sacred meeting places were made with pillars and columns. The columns allow higher and wider constructions than the common house.

A temple has to be seen from far and has to be remarkable because of its importance. There is the place of communication with the gods.

If you find a column in an archaeological dig, you have a testimony of a culture advanced enough and far from the age of the caves.

The architects have always understood the principle of statics, aesthetics, and religious powers, and used their influence to the ruler to request the governing for a construction of a big temple.

For a communication with God, there is no necessity of large buildings or large temples, but the desire of power to command the people, it needs. In that sense the rulers and religious power were always in agreement. So it was from the beginning of cultures. One supported the other, and thus cemented his power base.

Well, now on the image of the NASA / Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1157 1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1 again I found an anomaly which appears to be a column or a pillar made ​​artificially.

This discovery is a world first. I have not seen any report yet, if so I would not submit them.

All reports are unique. If one day I have to present something for their importance, as was discovered earlier, I will announce the notice and authorization source.

The pillar, a zoom it images

In the center, at the top, it looks noticeably artificial. There is a column with angular corners, which themselves are curved again to give a more aesthetic.

Next to the column is the basis of a wall. It is a base made ​​of a stone on which surely was a wall. To the right of the column is in the ground a long neck of an animal to see with snakes - or dolphin-shaped head, which was definitely too artificial.

The pillar 2/8, a zoom it images

If it's really a pillar you see, it would be a testimony not only of life on Mars, but of a civilization with culture with temples and gardens, annual festivals and rituals. For this you need clocks, calendars and astronomical observation stations. The pillar 3/8

One column implies too much. May God hear me and any reader finds sharper images and can confirm it or rule out. But the appearance at the moment indicated to something artificial.

The biggest problem we have always is the poor resolution of the images. We are not looking obsessively for indices. No, but no picture can say with certainty, which we see is also something that is really there.

Unfortunately it is to hide the indices, stained dark with poor resolution, or simply not displayed important images. The most effective is to lower the resolution and then we lose the ability to display and define certain interesting objects. But we continue with this game. That's something, and gradually the truth will come out.

What is the truth?

The truth, so long denied is that there is water in all its states; Ice, liquid and vapor. And undisputed and recognized officially by NASA.

Mars harbor biological life

The truth is that there are biological lives as a plant, or fungus or something similar.

Biological life on Mars 

Biological life on Mars P-2

Biological life on Mars P-3

I have no certainty of large animals still alive, but I showed some fossils and therefore, there was animal life, if not there yet.

The petrified leg of a dinosaur on Mars

The truth is that there was a civilization on Mars or is still there, reduced by the cold weather and probably below the surface.

The truth is, land vehicles, but with advanced technology, or maybe extraterrestrial vehicles, are flying in the skies over our planet. They are flying on the moon and flying around Mars, and possibly there is a picture of a UFO in the rings of Saturn as well.

The UFO of Paraguay reveals its size and shape


There are artifacts on Mars. This is the truth.

Josef Bauer

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Source: NASA/Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1157 1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1

http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/all/ 1/p/1157/1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1.HTML

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