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Snake corps Relief with Dolphin-shaped head

stone dolphin_0

 Report: 158

Beside the column is there a construction base, or is it a stone relief of an Animal neck from a snake with a dolphin-shaped head?

Can it be a dragon, or a snake, or some reptile with a face and mouth of a Dolphin?

In my Report 163 The Pillar or the column I already thought that this would be a sensation.

With The presentation of an artificial column, which could be at the entrance of a temple on Mars, I was already very happy to find this and show you.stone dolphin_1After some days and more calmly I checked this base at the side of the column. Then I realized that this is something else. This base ends right next to something like a face. Looking from a distance looks like a snake or a dragon. stone dolphin_2 Extending the original image is seen to be a relief, a relief of a reptile. This reptile has a rounded head and a tip at the mouth as do dolphins. I dare say it has an open mouth.stone dolphin_3 stone dolphin_4 I put on top of the original image an image of a dolphin. In the first image I put above the original the image of a dolphin semi-transparent and on the last completely solid. The eyes and mouth is fully consistent with the relief. This tells mi that the Stone body is a reptile.stone dolphin_5 What do we have now? A column made ​​artificially and directly next a relief of a reptile.

Did not have all the temples of the Maya also dragons and reptiles on their walls? But of course, there are Snakes along each wall.

The symbol of the flying snake or dragon, is found throughout the world in sacred temples, and always connected to the mystery of visitors from heaven.

I found the connection to our ancient cultures with a much older culture and also on another planet? The indices speak for us.

What have to see the dolphins with the gods? Are dolphins brought from another planet? Are dolphins inhabitants of Mars?stone dolphin_6 A few meters above the relief of the dolphin, a wall of stone and sand, again casually looks something like a dolphin. Coincidence or is that one more evidence?stone dolphin_7 When Mars was going to dry, it was to save a race or an intelligent species and brought an amount large enough to the earth where plenty of water?

Noah's Ark of Mars came with beings from another planet, for the survival of the most important species.

We would do it too? In fact we did it already. Noah's Ark was used just to save as many species as possible. There were not saved all beings of one species with the ark. No, they saved always a couple, so that this species lives on. No matter where, but surviving.

This idea should be taken into account and follow the tracks here on earth. Many animals do not have a history already closed. No, even on the scale in the evolution of man are missing parts.

Maybe Darwin was right. It may be the creation of beings and of animals was done as the Bible says. The formation of a species was always done ​​according to the environment of each planet. But here in our earth in each species lack one or more echelons from beginning to end of a species, or to the form it looks today.

It may be that some of these animals came suddenly and took a place in the wildlife, why not also in the vegetable world. I think they may also have brought plants from Mars.

The banana and corn are plants of the gods, says the legend. Banana is an annual plant. They arise near the old plant and produce new little plants in the same year. But how he got the first plant to growing and producing?

The disappearance of the dinosaurs does not have plausible explanation. Whether a world dies completely or nobody dies. Why only Dinosaurs with hundreds of millions of years of survival are dying?

They were perfectly adapted animals and lived around the world. There are fossils in China, Argentina, the United States, in Europe. A meteor can not kill one species, well-chosen and let all the others live in peace.

A huge dinosaur is so big that you can do a hunt with UFOs and magnetic fields can you paralyze or kill animals that respond well to a selected frequency.

Whether an animal is paralyzed while eating, sleeping or walking, in a few minutes away they is asphyxiated. It is that simple finish with large animals, if you have the technology.

Someone needed place on this earth!

Someone much weaker than these large dinosaurs exterminated them.

You can also run a comet on a collision course. This would be easier than to destroy before a collision as we plan to do.

Mars does not dry in one day. They first sought to bring water where they were Civilizations centers, cities. After a while they lost the battle and the strategy change. They began to prepare the earth. Prepare for a new settlement.

So I guess with all seriousness that happened in the past on Mars and our past.

This mix of legends, new knowledge index, the mixture of species, climate change on Earth, it appears that there was someone intervention.

Our past is so interesting, but so secret. None should know, what really happened.

I will finish, but this issue needs to be discussed again and again, without any taboo. Anything is possible until the unthinkable.

Josef Bauer

Source: NASA Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1157 1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1

Mars rover images: this is the link to the images of the last two reports 1/p/1157/1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1.HTML

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