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Transparency hides the truth of the Matrix

Reflection: 031.

Transparency is a lie and hides the truth. How many parts of the puzzle are still missing?
Many times, a question in a survey includes or is based directly on the confirmation of something, even yet shown its accuracy.
"The rain in the morning, it hurt at work?"
No rain yet, but the question and assumes that it will rain as a fact and who have to answer, and answer surely the fact that it rains tomorrow. He will say, "No, I'm going by car," or "if I'm going to get wet."
You believe that aliens come this Sunday to celebrate with you the anniversary of the city.
Aliens are not confirmed, and then you should ask first if you believe in them, and if the person this confirmed, it could ask the next question based on the answer to the first question.
Another example: "you think that with enough faith you can walk on water like Jesus did?
This miracle is not confirmed, but is fully confirmed in the question.
The questions mostly, if not are in fact spontaneous and from unprepared people are subliminal manipulation, but not on the question, but on the confirmation hidden inside a question.
The manipulations are in the question, and often leave no room to make a separate answer. This is very dangerous.
Normally not the one who asks the questions in the street may have academic level,
and less, the person who is asked
This ensures more successful propaganda distributed in the polls.
People with more intellectual level start after having asked ten times to different people, develop their own questions, and the change of a word decreases the effect
Think about that next time when someone from a radio, or television or a newspaper, was about to ask something. Analyze his question first!
With the title of my reflection I do the same thing. There is a confirmation in my question, namely, that there is a puzzle. At least, I tell my readers that, because I do not want to manipulate anyone. I want, that people around the world know of the ongoing manipulations, and in all areas.
I think in the past someone made a drawing of the future world. Once finished the giant work, the same people began cutting this work into small pieces, like those of a puzzle.
The puzzle, or the entire work, are made of bits and bytes, Digital technology is not an invention of today, from the people of this age.
No information in its unimaginable multitude on everything in the universe can only be accumulated, analyzed and used in calculations, in digital format.
The word "digital" is replaceable with words that express other technology, more, or much more advanced yet, but initially do the same.
It is not important, if the information is kept in memory blocks, as magnetic as light or atoms, or quarks, which in turn are imagined particles in quantum theory, or because no in time or in space. The word and the technology do not matter.
Information is also stored in the form of stone sculptures, hieroglyphics, until today the most enduring means of transmitting information to future generations, but not practical in everyday use, where seconds are already much. The best example is the purchase and sale of shares in the stock market, or in the event of calculating reactions of atoms in fusions.
This work of the world in the future is done. There’s no doubt. This work or the map of the future no one has ever seen completely.
Some prophets had have seen some in a glass screen, or have them delivered in long hours parts of the future, and the prophets thereof, wrote what they heard and saw in his own lyrics in different books. Books with important details were given to several contactees, called later prophets.
In the best case, the prophecies are partial revelations of a work.
In the worst cases, these revelations are just propaganda, directed to those who read and believe in the truth of these prophecies. These people are unconsciously led to the strict compliance to the implementation of these orders, because they are not more than that.
But the goal of directing humanity to fulfill a prophecy can be a long game, with many detours in time and place not to give anyone the ability to recognize the origin, or the limit and the end of the plan.
The work is a complex plan and this plan, in the form of bits, or particles of light, or some other form of storage seems in the eyes of the uninitiated as something nice, possibly by as much light on a glass screen, as something transparent. Right, this transparency, it prevented to see the truth, the real information, and makes them invisible.
If I use black letters on my screen, you see the information, but if I draft letters written, but white on white, you can not see anything.
Possibly one or another letter, I will, that is seen blue, or red, or yellow, or black, or a mixture of these colors, for you seem to be a nice, beautiful, and complete work. Indeed it is a manipulation of your mind. You can not see the matrix of the work, nor the entire information, because I will not allow you to know her.
I do not want, you have knowledge of details. That would be even an obstacle to my plans.
Well, until then we understand, as can be. What deception.
The transparency of glass you seems beautiful, but really this crystal is the matrix with all the information. Only, the information has the color of the glass, is written transparently.
What is the finished work? A shame we see part of this puzzle. I do not think we can imagine the end of this odyssey through centuries and millennia, through many wars provoked by the rules and goals in this plan.
I do not think that the end of all this torture, of this great deception of mankind for thousands of years, terminate with an apology from the owner, from the creator of the plan when he promised that from now on will be all totally different.
A Happy End, a happy ending, is not written in the script of this film. It would be too contrary to the film in which humanity plays such sadly.
Would it be possible a transformation of a vulnerable body of a wounded humanity and blinded, led by centuries in total darkness and blindness?
Humanity has no signs of an evolution, not in the body, not in the moral or intellectual.
Today we know, is to shine some metal wire, enclosed in glass and give voltage electrodes running some drawings on screens. No one can say we are scientists; we are just ready to produce something destructive and use it.
We are ready to produce large scale scams between us and enslave us. Normally, who has more power, takes advantage economically of the mass of people.
The brutality is above love.
Money is the great leader of the policies in this cruel world. Why do we have to wait for a change in the end? Probably, what is much crueler still, than a final, is the continuity of torture.
I do not understand, because there is no united humanity. Just that would be the solution, and the release of a plan doctrine never revealed to us.
We need to go out of the matrix, made ​​for us into a new matrix but done by us.
Do not wait for an end of the world, a change horrible, as was the prophecies and we make the change prior to the end of the film.
We get out of this movie, and we enter into a new script, human, made by humans for humans.
Let us not allow that the puzzle can be completed and the code is invisible forever.
I do not want to know the end of this script, but I'm anxious to see the beginning of mankind in its new role, without interference or intervention from anyone, from who does not exist time or morality or piety.
Let us live human, act human, not cruelly such as invisible leaders.
Write in big letters and in black on white what we are and we want to be tomorrow, at the place, time and space that we have to live. The promise to be transparently in there policy is a lie and hide the truth.
The more transparent the plan, the darker the target.
We need to let these invisible leaders alone, rather they are heirs or children of the old gods, who showed no mercy to the people never in its transparent mirror.
We must break their maps of our future. We have to create the plan for humanity with the heart. So we will be free and the life of intelligent beings on this planet would be worth living.
We have to lay down arms and profits gained from usurious, the game with marked cards and machines ready to deceive.
That ends the transparency of matrix code, which is nothing more than a dark plan of destruction and slavery and its transparency makes it invisible to us.
We have to start to analyzing the questions, confirmations hidden in politics, science, economics, even in religion.
We need to started to ask, because they want, we make war, because they want more and more money, because only the weapons can keep the economy stable.
We left it there for today, but awake, and serve no more, to the invisible.
The world is for humans and should be run by humans, and instead, humanly.
Josef Bauer

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