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Triangular structure on the moon

AS10-34-5162 - estructure - 1_1

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Apollo 10 took a picture of a triangular structure on the moon.

The Apollo 10 was a final test flight to the moon, before the astronauts touched down the Apollo 11 on the moon's surface. In one of their orbits made images of the surface like never before seen.AS10-34-5162 - estructure - 1_2 Schmidt Crater, more than 11 Km Width

There are always pictures of the cratered moon, but a flat surface. In this picture you see so many structures and corners and unusual things which could easily be artificial structures. Made or constructed or converted into something useful for someone who lives or works there.AS10-34-5162 - estructure - 1_3 on the bottom on the left side there is the triangle, on the right side of another crater.AS10-34-5162 - estructure - 1_4 this is the more little crater and on his right side there is the triangular structure, with a side of more than 850 meters

I found a large structure, but difficult to estimate its size. I think with a side of 850 meters.AS10-34-5162 - estructure - 1_5 A structure not far from a crater of a meteor impact. The triangular structure has a base and walls and flat top ends as the base. Flat and triangular! What shall be? In the middle of the image there is another abnormality. It also seems a building with two towers in the front. Analyze this anomaly yourselves. AS10-34-5162 - estructure - 1_6

AS10-34-5162 - estructure - 1_7 Analyze it for yourself whether this structure has artificial origin or not.AS10-34-5162 - estructure - 1_8 Josef Bauer

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Source: Image from NASA Apollo 10: AS10-34-5162

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Original: Apollo 10 Image Library

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