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Moon anomalies: Apollo 17 - oxygen container

AS17-145-22196HR moon anomalies pic 0

Part I of the report: 160

This is the flight to the moon named Apollo 17: An astronaut dropped his oxygen tank.

I’m surprised.

Could he breathe without air that comes from the deposit normally carried on his back?

Abnormalities in the flight of Apollo 17 to the moon! Oxygen container on lunar soil.

Reflection about the flight and politics of lies. The flight of Apollo 17 to the Moon, 7-19. December 1972

The vehicle landed on the moon is called Lunar Module (LM) "Challenger" Astronauts on this mission were the Astronaut Eugene A.Cernan, as commander, and Harrison H. Schmitt, the pilot of the Lunar Lander Module, Ronald E. Evans third remained in the orbiter vehicle CSM.

Today I present a detail never before seen in any report on curiosities, of the Apollo program. As you know, this program was the NASA moon flights.

The flights were named Apollo 204 or 1-Apollo 20. The first flights were test flights only. After this, the first moon landings came to human presence on the Moon, which were then already routinely

Much is said about, whether or not they were or not landed or not, or was it a montage of a movie studio. There are so much against, that both in favor. I dare not lean to one side. When I am convinced, I find something that makes me think again.

Recently, the Japanese probe Selene showed the images of the landing site of the Apollo 17. I wrote a report to show that image. I was convinced of the confirmation. Then I think, because you cannot see a part of one of the cars, or remnants of the instruments used and left there. Erosion or oxidation of the equipment is impossible. First by the material used and second by lack of moisture, wind, cold.

The three factors that make erosion and can break or make materials disappear, there are no.

The materials used in the Lander were copper and aluminum that are light but tough materials. The legs are covered with materials having gold. Why? I do not know?

The flag is not cheap material. The land rover can be lost Air on wheels, but the rubber has to be there. Parabolic antennas are not vaporized. But there is nothing. Only a comparison of the mountains. Today, I have fear that even the mountains are made ​​with Photoshop. A horizon line of a mountain is so linear; there are so elegant curves, as a child would paint. The horizon makes a cut inexplicable. From one line to the other starts the horizon, and unattainable for the cameras.

In my younger and lifetime was to have a camera of the brand HASSELBLAD my dream. And I'll die before having one. They are expensive and most professional that there. Today an image has over thirty MB. Before, they had a film of 6 * 6 cm, not as common 3 * 4 and each negative was numbered and unique.

I, as a young man, send images to a publisher to publish.

I was refused, because you cannot magnify the image with the poor resolution, he had. If the image is not made with a camera HASSELBLAD, we cannot use the image in books or on posters, they said.

Returning to NASA, they used a HASSELBLAD with a 500 mm lens we cannot see the horizon clear and sharp. Sometimes there is no clarity nor from fifty meters. Something does not match I think now and I can rectify when new data make me change my opinion, truth and lies are half true. They went to the moon but did traps, and many. Possibly traveled, but did not land. They circled the moon. It also would be a big achievement.

If landed, and there is much evidence that they did, then hide some technology that was used to get to and from there again. The truth is untrue and lies inflated.

The truth is a lie, or is denied. It is difficult with common sense, to understand. I think the part of military secrets, have much inherent.

Today they are using technology we cannot even dream of. A side, and that is parallel, we use, and leave gradually evolve our aircraft and rockets, although having different technology.

The same with cars. A car has more than two thousand pieces. An electric car, two hundred. So there is much work in the automobile factories. But, is more important, work for work no more, or stop making unnecessary parts, and using free labor and resources to spare for a new use, arising from these new technologies. It's a schizophrenic world.

GM has lost so many, and this company is not closed. Why they are not using the resources of the rescue to push a new industry of solar energy and electric cars. With wheels without tires ... We left it at that. Not the place for that, but to understand the lies have to observe politics, that never changes.

Part 2 of the report: 160

The evidence of lies on the Moon. Two examples of non-coincidence, I show. In this case I speak no more than two of the hundreds out there. But I do not put myself on the back row and not repeat something that others already explained much better than I. From these two facts, not never heard, and therefore I explain.

After the presence on the moon, the two astronauts will board the Lunar module. In a few minutes would be expelled into the air, into the orbit of the moon, which is waiting for the other vehicle, which carried the three astronauts back to earth.

An Astronaut came already on top of this modular. The bottom would stay on the moon and served as launch pad. In a few minutes, very powerful explosives explode, which pushed the modular into orbit. Once floating, auxiliary rocket ignited them on the side of this modular. It seems to escape the gravity is not as hard on the moon.

As I said, a man and entered the Lunar Module, for which he left as well as when they came and came out.

At another astronaut got the idea in his mind to leave the air tank, which had on its back, to lower the weight of the modular. Good idea seems. Why it did not the other too?

The one shot the equipment of fresh air from above and entered the modular. Or was it different? To take off the hoses, belts, cables, you need the help of someone. Well, then it was on the ground or better in the soil of the moon.

Think of one thing. They are like Diver at sea. Without their equipment of air has a minute to breathe and then they die asphyxiated.

But one just pulled off so easily their equipment and climbs fast. Although with hurry he placed the container correctly in the soil.

Leaving his back would have to be the symbol of NASA below, but would not be so cute, take a picture without this symbol of power,

Although with low gravity will not be easy to climb this ladder without steps over a meter in height from the soil to the first stair. They jumped up? moon anomalies pic 4  moon anomalies pic 3 Up the stairs, entering through this small tunnel and hoping that his comrade comes and enters too. To close the door, start the engine and open a valve that fills the cabin air. What if your partner found something and checks once again before boarding the modular.

The other has the air which maintained in his lungs, already for nearly forty seconds. What will happen, if the astronaut below does some more photos? Because right now the earth is so cute again and will be the last of here. What is ...?

No, his partner came on time.  I know it, because they arrived alive back to earth.

This modular had two chambers or not more than one? I do not know. I only know that in this chamber were removed hers super dirty suits. Already more comfortable they sat in the cockpit for takeoff command.

The suits of astronauts in the module before takeoff from the moon.

After coupling to the lunar orbiter they undocked again this Modular.

The astronauts now again united on the lunar orbiter left behind the modular. Surely more soon than later the modular hit the moon and the remains are there forever. moon anomalies pic 5 AS17-134-20524HR

Soon would the transport vehicle coupled to CSM. How entering in this vehicle? Wherein the tip engage. Probably.

But back to the moon.

It can never be removed the air luggage outside the modular. Never! I do not know, what that means. I have no answer, because a diver does not dare pull his air into the bottom of the sea and climb without it. report:160Moon anomalies: Apollo 17 - oxygen container Oxygen tank on the floor of the moon AS17-145-22196HR moon anomalies pic 2 continue ...

Josef Bauer

Source: Image I / NASA AS17-145-22196HR (the pic. with the Oxygen tank)

Source: Image II / NASA  (the pic. Climbing the stairs)

Source: Image III / NASA AS17-134-20524HR (super dirty suits)

Source: Image IV / NASA  (entering through this small tunnel)

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Anonymous said...

Both PLSS's (oxygen tanks), plus several other pieces of hardware where tossed out of the hatch prior to accent after the 3rd EVA. The one shown got hung up, & Cernan had to kick it lose. It ended up on the ground instead of ladder deck. While the hatch was open, both astronuats where connected to the onboard air supply.

No mystery, no lies... All in Very open, very old B&W print in the form of the mission logs, post-eva report, and the Apollo 17 mission manual. Not to mention the entire archive of photos from both inside & outside the lander during the mission, right at the link you posted above.

I firmly believe there's something out there... Sadly what ever it might be gets harder to see the more people 'muddy the waters'.
Hard, solid research... Not blurry pics & wishful thinking. :)

Josef Bauer on September 27, 2014 at 8:15 AM said...

Thank you for your explanation and for the positive review.
I try to highlight interesting details. The explanation may sometimes be faulty. In this case. I know that the astronaut has not thrown away in fear everything, but to save weight. However, many photos are missing the details. I will not knowingly conceal the truth.You’re right in everything. Many thanks.

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