Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The philosopher and dreamer will survive!

Reflection: 033

When you look at images from NASA you're always exposed to surprises.
Surprises can give a beautiful landscape. Surprise can give an unknown place for their strange shapes of mountains. I still talk only of landforms, and leave the biological to the imagination.
Imagine a world away from ours. Different from ours, with different atmosphere, or without such Air we are accustomed. More gravity on a planet, you get tired in a short walk, or if less, you could jump like a grasshopper.

Possibly there are few places lifeless. Looking at the photos, you can be sure, here and there, and even beyond, but not in the beyond, there are forms of life. Are you looking at  an image of a Supernova, you can tell that some form of life is gone forever.
A strange world can be as utopian and indeed it is, or they are. Because there are a countless amount of worlds. NASA brings these worlds of distant galactic place and time to our computers. Each image is a reproduction of creation.

I personally, I have religious respect of each image. I have no choice than to look and admire the moons, the planets the stars, the universe and everything that occurs in images of all frequencies, that science can transform into photos visible to us.
The philosopher was once very important to open the mind to scientists. To give courage to think of strange things and discover new “modes operandi” in their sciences.

If the philosopher says or said that is not the will of a god, if you die from a disease, then the doctor was quick to apply some home remedies. If a religion or sect says, if you have to die today by god's will, it will not help a vaccination or a blood transfusion or surgery, then nobody is going to look better medicines.
The philosopher opened many people's mind and showed them the way. For others however, depends on the religious or political inclination, he shut it down for thousands of years.

Today the philosopher knows no more, in which corner of the science and the universe he may speculate. In all parts are already Sensors and scientists with spying satellites.
Computers are the philosophers today. What it says a computer analysis, is today the truth, and the way of walking, for everyone.

For little, there is room for the believer and a dreamer.

But the multitude of creations and combinations of chemical forces, gravitational and radials is so complex that it will not have enough time in this world to see, calculate and understand everything.

If so, then the place of the philosopher, and even more of the dreamer, is assured.

Regards, your observer and dreamer.

Josef Bauer

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