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Life in the crater

Report: 163

Here I show images of the same place, as in the Report: 162 - Roots, with its own life, but with emphasis on a form of life in particular.

In the center of this picture, we see a crater. This crater is approx. 150 m in diameter. Small for Mars, but I did not want to be around when hit by a meteor and its impact caused the gap.

The crater was left so clean and empty. However, because in a dead world, as we say, can be filled by little, many craters and holes in the surface on Mars.

On the moon, apparently there is no this phenomenon. Although it also there is something wrong. In a report, I showed that a crater was filled not just once but at least twice. In this report I showed the moon, and explain that after an impact, completely filled the crater, possibly with lava.

However, what has happened in the Second Impact? It is full again, but this time probably with water. Here the story of the impact on the moon.

Lunar anomalies Part-2 second impact and fill

The low spots in the craters have two effects. One is that it is a hideout, and most importantly, is a wind shelter. Probably and against claims, that the atmosphere is very thin, lightweight and without oxygen, there are storms with strong winds and gusts. We saw it in some example images sent by Phoenix.

Wind is more annoying than the cold calm. The depth of a crater then protects against wind, but does not protect from the cold. Cold air flows to the lower sides. Inside a crater may be it is colder, as above.

If there is a living being that is able to choose their habit, his choice will be between the heights of the wind or the cold of the deep crater. In The Heights will have a panoramic view, but would also be seen from afar. The cold of the parts under the crater would be compensated by a good hiding.

Normally the animals often hide. They fit the shapes and colors of the environment to avoid being seen or recognized as prey or hunter. Be in the deepest possibly, have more than one effect.

The water is so scarce or difficult to obtain. If I have to drill with roots, my roots with the hard surface, frozen and rocky; I will seek also logically lowest places. There can collect rainwater or mist. Also drill and find water with roots, is easier, that hundreds of feet above.

If I could invent myself, I would do with root, capable of drilling rocks, frozen soil to reach underground water, which is certainly on Mars.

But also take advantage of the surface of my body, to absorb heat and humidity. It is seen in this species, and many other images, I will go presenting, which have as spores of a fungus, threads, and finite networks to filter something.

What seems like a little erase or white, blur, are probably, leaves, tendrils, threads, hairs, spores, for protection, or for filtering something useful for them. This living being, plant, fungus, or give it a new name, whatever, covers this crater almost completely. Not only covers the crater, but also leaves out its tentacles out of two opposite sides. Comes to resemble a form of an animal with a long neck and tail, of approx. 260 meters long. I cannot confirm, that is an animal, but is something alive. Never wind, or erosion, produces such thing. The wind, when it blows million years, so yes can fill craters in any dimension.

Here, there is no an accumulation of dirt and sand, which came from one direction. No, here is some structure, taking advantage of the crater for your convenience. You can also see, that does well. One is fatter and larger than the other is, although there are other longer and thinner. All have a fine tip, which in turn is almost always lost in the subsoil. Some come from one side, down the wall of a crater and climb again, or continue in a curve around a rock. I repeat and confirm it; it is a form of life. Mars is filled with them. On many occasions, is a crater, with a single individual of them inside. In this picture, you see the tip of one of the tentacles or roots rolled. Look closely at the white box, rolled like the tail of an animal on earth.

Source: NASA / Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera S1000780

I show you another picture. You tell yourself if it is an illusion or really seems as I describe it.

Surely, it is an illusion, but I get the impression that someone takes a bite at one of these roots, or lizards. Enough said. I will not that by the wrong explanation of one picture, all this story lose there value.

Josef Bauer

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