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Roots, with its own life

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Roots, with its own life, or dunes made by the wind …?

Everything seems that there is a system in the chronology, in the discovery of life on Mars, and the universe in general. First was God. Then God and man.

Already more daring, because we ate the apple of knowledge, we speak of man with God, or the gods. The man stood in front already. In addition, created at whim the gods. Thus began life in heaven, or in the heavens. The gods became independent of men, of their creators and returned, or stayed there, in heaven forever.

The man began to find its own way to go.

We did not see any god there. Then the existence of someone outside the earth was a more myth. Not even the gods were sure of their existence.

Everyday life occurred in civilized countries like Egypt, Greece, Persia, Ethiopia, and Rome in Italy and along the coast to Spain, climbing on the island of Ireland and England. Neither India, China nor America was known. If someone spoke of distant islands, did not believe him.

Only gold artifacts, increased interest, gold of certainly indigenous, people who did not deserve to be named as people. People of European aristocracy did not accept the idea that there is another race or culture as them.

The pope strongly denied the existence of other civilizations, which were entitled to be a man of God. Only with the mission, and Christianization, could be part of life on earth.

Now, after more than two thousand years of darkness in science, in recognition of the universe as a giant dimension in which we are only a small part, they are starting to analyze astronomical and physical phenomena.

However, far yet to understand the data collected, or at least not purely scientifically interpreted. No, probably already discussed, but interpreted for the public in religious order, political and finally after (or first) military. Also economically, because it is a nice business.

Today I think we already have extra human sensors such as radar telescopes super sensitive, which fill us with data irrevocable. However, as always someone at church, someone has to make the interpreter of words. If they do not interpret the Bible, then they transformed the information, which they have sent from the many satellites, we have, as the eyes and ears of our earth out there.

Already, the first prophets were misinterpreted. Because the first to hear something not so common, as the presence of a god with any device, able to fly, were not transferred with the same words.

It had not, nor faith in what has been heard, nor the words to describe the new news. Surely no religious or political powers, were willing to spread the presence of someone else, probably stronger and more powerful that themselves.

Now, NASA allows us to see some photos selected. From these images can we, the people, read some new features before denied. NASA satellites get clearly signs of hydrogen and methane on Mars.

The Phoenix lands on a sheet of ice. The Rover gets a soil sample in a furnace to analyze the produced steam heated of the ice and are unable to determine if it is or not water.

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Although it looks in the pictures very well that there is snow and ice, is not officially recognized. Also found some oil and petrol and salt. As they say, it completely prevents life in the Martian soil. Methane and oil and salt are biological products, or products from a living thing anyone alive. However, they are able to give a different interpretation.

Now, I am looking at pictures of Mars, and I see in each image biological structures. Until Dunes can be biological, if they have an organization, a structured orientation to a magnetic strength or electric force. Because I am saying that?

The wind cannot carry the sand into corners and sides to unite them down in a crater and send up walls. Nor Otherwise, to drop to the ground in search of water. If there are not magnetic or electrical lines, nor a dead Dune going anywhere. It accumulates in mountains of sand, but without logical orientation. Here in these pictures you see those roots that coming or going in curves, and end up in the basement. These roots are divided, or joined in the middle of their bodies, as veins, and roots from plants. Although it is an accumulation of sand, I believed, they have some magnetism, some need, caused by an electrical impulse, by sensors sensitive to some attraction to water, or a magnetic field. Life forms can be so different from the known, which we cannot easily discover. The laws of life are everywhere the same, but the transformation from these physical effects, there is no limit in their fantasy.

How important is the time for evolution? None. It is used as food for their creations. A tree does not move a plant with roots not walk, but growing, open, and close their flowers every morning and every night. The movement from a living thing can be fast, but also slow.

My interpretations, including all may be wrong, but let us not more interpret the evidence, to a little club from scientists.

Let us interpret what we see. If the color, I see, the same that you see, we will never know. Therefore, it will be with the descriptions in the future of biologists and geologists on other planets.

However, we must be cautious not to be deceived other thousands of years, with false testimony, with the denial of more lives and places with lives outside of our reach, or view. No more denying something as natural as life.

Josef Bauer

Source / Credit: Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera S1000780

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