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The elements of life on Mars



Report: 164.

The chemistry of life is based, or built with inorganic matter. The skeleton of all animals is carbon and calcium (CaCO3). Large parts of the rest of the body are the union of a hydrogen atom with two oxygen atoms, (H2O) or simply water.

We still do not know what is the real kick-off that transforms inorganic matter, in life, in organic matter.

Possibly only small differences in the atoms energy governing the attraction between them. As opposites attract magnets with this invisible force and different atoms feel a very strong attraction to atoms of other elements.

The adhesion strength varies, depending on the element produced with binding.

The more energy is used for the transformation of elements, the heavier elements are produced.

That does also, which in turn would be more difficult their separation. The main forces used in nature, are heat and pressure, and in counterpart gravitation, which in the past separated the atoms of the elements over and over again.

I am talking about planetary bodies and moons, cold. Where there is heat in these celestial bodies, whether in deep or on the surface, continues this transformation of the elements.

This attraction of atoms to saturation, and thus forming new elements, it is a way of life, but still inorganic.

The next step is the adhesion and binding of these atoms, molecules forming longer chains forming wire rings or crystals, and other forms.

"In chemistry, a molecule is called a set of at least two covalently bonded atoms forming a stable system and electrically neutral"

Carbon and hydrogen they are the most important elements of material to form the two possible ways, the inorganic matter, and the organic. The transition from one manifestation to another is very intimate, and so intimate is the relationship between the two.

We will not get into this story deeper into the secrets of life, but we just want to show that Mars also have the ingredients to form organic life. In this picture, 1/7, we see this dark matter as never before seen in any images. This detail was always shown in gray, white, and black. Never any picture looked so strong, that on Mars we have the ingredients of life.

The dark matter is carbon, and veins, are calcium carbonate. (CaCO3), carbonate rocks. A carbonate is produced only in the presence of liquid water. Everything that is possible to do in laboratories is another story. We speak of natural environments.

The only thing we can put aside our observation is the time that Mars had available for the evolution of life.

The beginnings of the cooling of the planet Earth and Mars are parallel in time. Also the presence of water, but do not know if the presence of liquid water on the surface of Mars was long enough to give rise to life.

It should be remembered that recently it was strongly denied the possibility of finding a water planet. Hydrogen, carbon, silicon, and calcium, sodium chloride. So oxygen.

In the months December 2012 and January 2013, we received images that show calcium carbonate veins in the rocks of sand sandstones in English and in German Sandsteine. The announcement of finding molecules, hydrogenated carbon, a bond between carbon and hydrogen, our favorite ingredient of the organic, and alive, as all life on our earth, was carefully smoothed, and withdrawn, as advert mistaken.

Seems still do not want to write the story again, as he said he has to write new history books that do not talk about the possibility of life outside our planet.

Hydrogen as found for example by Phoenix and other satellites in the orbit of Mars. Perchlorates was also found, which are salts of perchloric acid (HClO4) Perchlorates salts.

Sodium chloride (NaCl), calcium chloride. What was missing was the calcium, and carbon. The binding is calcium carbonate. (CaCO3), carbonate rocks.

Magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) is another combination of carbon with metal, magnesium. In addition, iron carbonate (FeCO3) is a carbon composite.

Calcium carbonate is no longer deniable by the color of the images of Curiosity. While at the same time Rover Opportunity shows images of the same veins of calcium elsewhere, only in black and white and not so easily recognizable.

We missed many discoveries by a lack of color in the images and the sharpness, which is also missing.

Here again the omission or manipulation of images make us almost unnoticed this dark matter. We think, with a little manipulation in the colors on my part, but to see the real stuff, came out a perfect image and sensational.

In this picture, we have the veins of calcium, which is embedded within the rock. This is only possible with liquid water circulation. Water seeps into these small cracks in the rock, and carrying, calcium atoms.

These atoms formed chains of molecules with other elements such as sulfate and was trapped inside to form these veins, which when dried hardened.

With more erosion by water and wind, were some clearly visible in and out, as a network of veins. The vein of calcium carbonate. Only water using liquid penetrated rocks, the cracks can be filled with calcium or other elements.

These processes are well known here on earth, there are veins of almost anything, including metal veins, and even the gold is found and unearthed by their value.

The veins in marble stones are used for their beauty for decorating floors or columns or tables. Almost every element has an industrial use today.

Large pieces of calcium carbonate; signs of liquid water on the production time in Mars' past.

Well and why should it be different on a planet as similar as ours should. You will not see difference, in billions of planets in any galaxy. The percentages will differ as much pressure effects, how much volcanic activity and other factors, but always the same elements.

It would be rare, if life does not take advantage of the presence of these elements for the formation of life at different levels on other planets.

The argument that there is no water in liquid form on Mars, we can say the opposite, if there is, and more secure, than there was in abundance.

For all we know the water is present as ice and very probably in liquid form in the subsurface of Mars. I think we will find seas integer and a huge amount of groundwater.

In almost every crater is seen, the groundwater pressure opens the walls, and let out the water. Long and multichannel show it. Some look like frozen waterfalls others caused landslides to deeper levels.

We will find underground lakes, and there we will see many forms of life, which is safe, of a changing climate on the surface. I think intelligent life escaped to another planet. When Mars started suffering this stoppage in the flow of hydrogen into the atmosphere and back again as rain to the soil of Mars.

This was the moment where the rivers dried. The oceans received not more of them water, and evaporated one part and the rest froze or got lost in the subsoil.

The circuit of hydrogen atoms was cut with an abrupt climate change. There was no more sufficient heat to steam up water and form clouds that the wind carries all over the planet. Rains fell no longer, and the channels of the rivers dried. Many lives ended shortly.

Life, able to enter the caves, were saved, and adapted. The smaller, easier it was to survival. Dinosaurs had no chance to reach liquid water.

Thus ended the great species. Intelligent life can transform any environment into a home. So I think that Mars is still inhabited, but in smaller quantities.

A civilization accustomed to see the sun and plants on land, made ​​sure everything possible to reach another planet. It would be more logical from the viewpoint of an intelligent being on Mars, going to the earth or some moons of Saturn, which are habitable.

So no doubt the presence of people of Mars between us, if we are not them.

Josef Bauer

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