Thursday, January 14, 2010

The first sensual touch of Mars by man!

 Report: 093.

The human Man first Robot is sensually touching the soil of Mars!
I wonder if there were sparks of love. Hopefully, between the planet of life, which is the earth and the planet of war, Mars, will not ever see a war, if not a harmonious coexistence.
If there is life or not, must be respected this beautiful brother planet as a living being, as part of our biological life. It is our more related neighbor in this Universe, the first island in our solar system which is us received.
I think like myself, many people are interested and why not, excited about this meeting of our technology, with the Martian soil. So want to find someone or something we kept secret in our hearts.
Although the analysis for a sample of life is negative, our respect to the people at NASA.
Our affection is becoming every day more for the planet Mars, which suffered in his past misfortune not imaginable. I hope that all discoveries there help us with something here too. Luck and thanks for the Emotions given.
I felt that, in 1969 when the first man landed on the moon.
 Neil Alden Armstrong said when he steps down the stairs of Eagle, the first Lander on moon: It’s a small step for man, but a big leap for mankind!
The first footprint of man on the moon and the first touch by Phoenix on the Mars, isn’t it something similar?
Josef Bauer
Source:Phoenix 235736main_SS007IOF896839472_117FER1T1

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