Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It seems my dream of utopian paradise… What’s progress! Part-4 / 4

 Reflection: 023.

It seems my utopian dream of paradise is like trying to touch one end of a rainbow
If you will go near a Rainbow, its stop to rain, or otherwise, begins to rain more and the Rainbow disappear. If you are not prevented you stay in the rain, or the Storm.
That happened to me and millions or rather to all.
Dreamer, or pessimistic, none can touch the rainbow and also no one reached this utopian future.
No one reached this utopian future, where the world lives in peace and in silence, without the thunder of bombs and bullets. The companies, which reported negative news, are in bankruptcy because there is nothing more to tell.
Now, countries with very accurate annual weather stations, as summer and winter , are so varied that you do not know if in December come a spring climate, and in May you can see snow.
Again I have to go back to the sixties to discuss the scientific review of possible climate change and its consequences. They said if the climate changes in a century, about half Degrees Celsius, would be catastrophic. 0.5 º C in a century!
Today we speak of an increase of three to five degrees more than before the Kyoto Treaty. The United States no signed an agreement to reduce Vehicle Gas emissions, less than factories. Only in 2025 onwards want to talk about it.
U.S. attends a war without ethically authority to do so.
The USA makes war without even having the means economically, without having the money to do so.
The USA makes war without soldiers willing to go to war.
For this wars, legionnaires Soldiers are paid for that, as did the French in the use of The Foreign Legion. They at least were well trained.
Today’s Youth from South Americas are sent in the war. Any Latino Emigrants received thirty thousand dollars after return at a year and a half of war or if he cannot come back, because he died in battle, will receive his family the money and his body!
The number of The Veterans Suicides, after going to the War in Iraq, is rising over the cruelty of it. Veterans did not means old men’s, mostly young men’s are this veterans, but after a year in Iraq already they have a veteran Title.
Thousands die from suicide, back in the USA. Mentally they cannot tolerate the injustice and cruelty of this war (for oil).
What’s progress!
Today I read of a new Bubble on the Stock Exchange securities. A bubble is a ball inflated. Artificially. The Oil Bubble.
A year ago still speak to the profits that can be done in the USA with Properties. Today we purchase and sell the same morning and almost fifty percent more expensive. That is, in practice, you take a hundred percent credit for buying a property, purchasing one hundred thousand US dollars for something and a few months later you sell at hundred and twenty, thirty or fifty thousand more expensive.
Now cancel your account at the bank, you pay your credit and open a savings account, because you won thirty thousand dollars. Now back to this game. And not just you. No. The Canadians bought so they could win. Canadians bought with so much joy, all they could.
The Migrant Latinos, no fixed job, also were encouraged to build their houses or buy houses, with credits. Investors with these large hedge funds spent the money from their customers.
Nobody know where they Found Manager gets and puts their money. European banks, The English, until the Chinese put their savings or borrow money in the stock market for the purchase of properties. That is called a bubble. Explode!
Everyone now suffers. The savings are reduced by half its real value. America may lose all or most of its middle class. That is, who is at the level of the middle class is now struggling for survival. Their houses are not worth anything. Because there are no buyers! Unemployment and inflation in the U.S.A. as never before is the future.
At half the bursting of the Bubble Mr. President is traveling to make advertising for Biodiesel. (To start another Bubble!)
Biodiesel is Food for the People. Biodiesel is made from agricultural products that can be eaten. Corn, Soybean, Canola, Sunflower. There was a purpose to increase the price of agricultural products?
I think so. The Farmers were almost entire technical bankruptcy.
America has no money. Yes, you can make money, but money without value. Paper with a printed value, nothing more. Farmers give more subsidies was economically impossible and politically banned from international treaties. Now pay anybody, and anywhere, three times for any product, which comes from agriculture. Wheat meal, meat, milk, oil. The whole world now pays the costs of the war in Iraq. More people die each day in Iraq than before in decades.
There is no portable water or medicines, or food for the Iraqi people.
But for two hundred fifty thousand soldiers are transported three meals daily, Pre-packaged OF THE USA TO IRAQ.
To the IRAKIS FARMERS  was banned, the USE OF TRADITIONAL SEED of corn and WHEAT. They brought seeds genetically engineered (which itself is not as bad) of the USA (United States of America).
What Progress!
The Paradise of my dreams, where they disappeared?
And why not stay in the Year 1980 waiting there. I and the rest of the people of this Earth we would be happy forever. Why has the future not waited for us in 1980?
Twenty years were sufficient to prepare the Future!
What year is now our goal where we can believe as you did in the years 1960 and hope that we can live like that time in the utopia longed by us? 2030 or 2050. But in 2050 it says will definitely finish Petroleum. This is the beginning of the Future, or definitely be the end of the expected future?
But first comes this magical year 2012. Here ends the world! Another concern.
I do not fear as much as Whole villages without food. They are having a tsunami as we did not see before. People in a hopeless situation are dangerous. Famine caused the man, not nature. If Nature joins the man in his effort to destroy the world, there are serious problems. A hunger for millions of people caused from the man, not nature. The sad thing is that everything I wrote now, or described, this is an act of man. Not yet Nature.
The Rage of Mother Earth is not in the boom yet. She just sighs and coughs a bit. I know, a Tsunami, as sad as it is, but that is nothing yet that Mother Earth is able to do.
The plagues of Revelation are all made of man. They let off a plague after another.
With this plague some is searching for, or exceeding the limit, which a human can endure.
What we must say to our youth? We are unable to manage the course of humanity.
We must beg the young generation that they take the steering wheel of our ship to change the course quickly.
Greetings and unite in the fight for a better future for our youth!
Josef Bauer


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