Sunday, January 10, 2010

The wristwatches from the Annunakis Part-8



These are some of the different clocks found in the sculptures of the Gods called Anunnakis.

Some are adjusted to the turns around their respective suns.

A clock model has not the point of rotation in the center; it is in the lower third of the circular segments. That is, the points that mark our time clocks are points on the route of a planet around its sun, or from our sun.

You know the path of the planets is not circular, if not an oval or elliptical.

At least one model of these watches have this characteristics. Clock Points are points in space and certainly a bright LED diode marks the place of the exact position. So you know the distance from the sun to the planet.

To schedule a trip you need to know if there are two million kilometers or five to go. Also for communication with the space station or his home planet was important to know when it leaves the orbit of the suns shadow and begins to work the contact via a radio signal. Even with good technology you needed to know the distances or the approximate locations. I do not think that for a visit of a few years, they put satellites in the solar system.

To get a free communication on a planet, it takes several satellites, each satellite and then to the moon, and that multiplied by twelve planets, we have here, it was almost impossible.

Then in the exact moment of the day or weeks it was possible to communicate with the station in orbit. It makes sense to think of communication devices and measurement and more objects that produce energy and others for the defense.

From this we talk soon.

Greetings, to all stakeholders of the strong Anunnakis gods.

Josef Bauer

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