Sunday, January 3, 2010

War, had the world, countless.

 Reflection: 022.

What Progress! Part-3 / 4
I’ve lost count on Israel and Palestine wars.
There was an Eight-year war between Iran and Iraq. The two countries, Combat Aircraft was purchased from France, and England. The Pilots from Iran and Iraq had to train in England.
A group trains in the morning, another in the afternoon.
After weeks of training with the same coaches and the same aircraft in England, they returned to their countries to enter in the full air fighting.
If that is not cynicism, what is it then?
What Progress!
Iraq-United States. USA-Iraq.
Wars in Africa with no name so spectacular, like “Desert Storm one and two”.
No. no name. Neither peoples or tribes who are killed.
People are murdered in Africa without comment in the media, day by day. With an unimaginable cruelty.
The Embargo on Cuba is still strong. None of the hopefuls presidential in American will going to end the embargo. Obama, the black senator, said he will talk with Castro.
If Iran does not renounce his own source of - electricity, with nuke power someone will going to destroy these facilities.
In that are solid, the new aspirants to the presidency.
What Progress!
A country with progress requires energy. If there no large rivers to dams, which other alternative he did?
Iran knows that one day will end the inflow of dollars of crude oil. What’s next? They study and invest in modern infrastructure, industries that are not dependent on oil.
So did Iraq. Improve the infrastructure and be prepared for life after crude oil. Being independent from other countries is the solution.
Independent of the sale of Oil and independent of the purchases of products from other countries.
It is not logical that?
It is not a healthy long-term economic policy? And more, they have no right to do so? No! So says USA.
Because the gain of Oil, Drugs (worldwide), the arms trade and all businesses, must be deposited in savings account in dollars.
These dollars are returned to the United States and beyond those dollars invested. Although little in infrastructure and more in technology of war.
USA has many airstrips (airport), some highways and nothing more. Every city has some tall buildings.
They Have Las Vegas to spend money, and also money, which does not even have. Las Vegas does not have water, electricity, food, beautiful landscape. But hotels were built, as in Paradise. There, technological advances were made in time.
But someone tell me, they construed all this crazy Hotels with money from whom? And for whom?
In a place with a continuous heat of over forty degrees. A mortal to immortal place! Hostile to any wildlife. But the man there built his Paradise. Also the way you can marry and divorce in one hour.
What Progress!
Because, you cannot spend the dollars in poor countries? So there would not be mass migration from poor to richer countries.
They say it is not safe to keep money in banks in these countries. It is safe in the USA? The dollar was split in half, which means that the dollar is worth almost half no more. I mean if you worked thirty years and save everything, you lost fifteen years of your life!
What Progress!
Josef Bauer

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