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A mathematical code hidden in Sumerian art

sumerian code 1 Report-091

A mathematical code hidden in Sumerian art, four thousand years ago!

Geometry Mathematics in art, four thousand years ago.

The fact that there is art since the beginning of the Humanity itself is a sensation, because neither had solved the problem of food for all, education and health, and defending the boundaries of the territory designated as his own, already made works of art.

Every society, throughout history, made in conjunction with the start of an orderly society, works of art.

Although they were warriors, soldiers, imperialistic, or simply near the coast, as a group of Neanderthals, the Vikings in the north or the Greeks, the Romans, the Germans, the Maya, Aztec and finally all the people in their early its history, was known then, sometimes thousands years later, only for his art.

The origin of the desire to make art a secret, even yet revealed. Possibly in the decoded genetic one day we find a gene that causes this desire.

Insurance would be a discovery of great importance. Sure, it would be a discovery of great importance. It would clarify the beginning of mankind, as distinct beings intelligent and societies and different to animals.

But it soon became works with technology, and amazing knowledge on materials, and forms, and tools used.

The desire to paint, sculpture, or transform iron or stone, still does not mean that you can start already. We must invent the tools and materials that serve that purpose.

All those are truly impressive achievements of a newly awakened humanity.

With the perfection of the techniques came the most amazing artworks.

Knowing how to make a work of art, they started writing, describing daily events. Influential people were replicas of them in all shapes, and materials available.

Influential people were always responsible to give the order for making copies of themselves by the best contemporary artists in all forms and materials.

In many Works, as is suspected with more certainty after the appearance of the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, hid some messages.

Messages from someone, a place of hidden treasure, or some knowledge of something.

They hid data, because the revelation of some government secret or from the church, or an important wisdom, was banned and fined with death.

It is also believed that some technological breakthroughs were not yet for common people.

To not lose them in time, they hid secret data’s in works of art, which value would going to care, and saved from future disaster, until the right time for his new discovery, or understanding was came.sumerian code 5 A masterpiece of fiction of a person in the epoch of the Sumerians!

So I think, that has been done with the face with this stone sculpture of a fictional character in the time of the Sumerians.

That art was made four thousand years ago and many years before Euclid, Greek mathematician and philosopher.euclides 

 Euklid, 325-270 v.Chr

That art also was made many years before René Descartes, who discovered thousands years later again formulas hidden and forgotten.

 René Descartes 1596 – 1650

René Descartes was a French philosopher whose work, La géométrie, includes his application of algebra to geometry from which we now have Cartesian geometry. His work had a great influence on both mathematicians and philosophers. rene

René Descartes Recognized on a stamp

But there are two secrets.

By whom has this sculptor his mathematics, which was discovered two thousand years later and another discovery of the same formula, almost three thousand five hundred years later again.

nase_3 The formula to calculate the golden share, or the golden section

I’m talking about? From the formula of divine proportion, golden ratio, or the cutting of gold, or in English the Golden Section.

Or in German : Der goldene Schnitt golden cut 4What has this formula set in stone with this face common? A face of this look, does not exist and did not exist never.

Its fiction!

Although it seems alive, was never alive.

It is a portion of a circle, calculated with this formula just reinvented three times, but of Euclid at least two thousand years later, of René Descartes 3500 years later.

The shape of his  face is exactly this spiral, which is achieved with this formula. Who is more interested in this formula, more information is available on the Net. Soon I will write another story, of these formulas. I inserted above the face a spiral and coincide exactly with the geometry of this face.  sumerian code 6

 This face is fiction! These face hidden mathematical codes!

Golden Section or The Golden Proportion

Golden ratio, golden mean, Fibonacci ratio

  With his magic number of 1.618 0339 887...

The ear is another curve, which I still have not found the formula.

It may be that two curves are joined to draw this picture. sumerian code 7  This is not any human ear.

It is a hieroglyphic, and hiding in her face a mathematical code!

Josef Bauer

more information:

in español: el codigo de los sumerios

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george khazzaka on May 20, 2013 at 12:09 PM said...

Dear Mr. Bauer, I find your information very informative and vast. You will find it interesting that there is in the possession of a friend, the lost bowl of Christ, a work of art with hidden symbols and ancient writings ie Hebrew, Phoenician, symbols like the chalice, crosses, pyramids, eye of horus, and the Hebrew word for Blood. There is also a tablet with cuneiform. It is hopeful that we can show you these artifacts at some time all located in Ojai, California where it is a sacred site, vortex of energy.

Josef Bauer on May 20, 2013 at 1:52 PM said...

george khazzaka
Thank you for your comment. It pleases me when it appears interesant to them. The truth is always hidden. Only he who seeks finds It, or hear It.It would be nice to see this once so valuable bowl, or vase. For now, thanks for the hint. Maybe I can make a trip to the beautiful california once.Yours faithfully
Josef Bauer

Anonymous said...

Where is this image from? Or more important what is this artifact? where is it now? I would like a higher resolution imaage of it.

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