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No Wall or Border between life and God.

Reflection: 035
Instead of answering with some words, I let out a bit of my heart and I wrote this reflection, in reply to a comment from a reader. I return my cordial greetings my dear reader.
Thanks for your compliment. I feel that what he said came from the heart, and the more I am glad. Luckily, I have no tendency fanatical, politics, or religion. I always had the desire to see things distanced, and calmer.
In the distance, problems get smaller or political arguments lose some value. Many discussions or worse many wars are far, unnecessary and even ridiculous. Fighting over territory limit, even with concrete walls. Countries would have to learn to live side by side and in peace. The earth is round without limit.
Why, the man must put Boundaries, paths, walls in this small world, which our earth is. In my last article, here is the Link,
I show a picture, an image of the earth, seen from Spaceshuttle. Here you see the blue stripe, which is our atmosphere. Again, you see, we live in a world very fragile, and very small.
In another reflection, the dream of the earth
I recommend you read, notice also the reader, as silly stance, posture, perks, or attitude (I put more words) of the different Powers religious, political, economic, and military.
All they seek to dominate and control us for their own profit. Never for our good. A war, or bring millions to war can never be positive. Neither called holy war, of different religions.
I do not want to convince anyone, but looking at all the difficulties of the people to live harmoniously together, am very sad and hurts so much. No cause justifies the use of weapons.
In my observations, I am always very far. For example on Mars, even with Hubble images, I am driven to other galaxies. Will, that back in another solar system; they give the same value to political leadership, or religious of us.
Will that find followers beyond our ideas of religion and politics?
Are these imaginary civilizations as awkward as we are, and they will fight like us for their Gods and politicians?
However, if they are more advanced, they will see the creation as a whole. If there is a god, then he exists everywhere. We are not privileged, even if each one claiming to be the chosen one. If God chose in each habitable planet in this universe a people, or a person more privileged, privileged we would have millions.
We believe in a god for all or none.
Believe in none, is difficult too, looking all the vigor of life showing nature. No corner on our earth, lifeless. Nor is there a single place without life throughout the universe. Define Life is not a matter of having the legs of an animal.
Life is much deeper, deeper into the matter. Up above matter, to be exact. Matter is directed from this force.
This force has many names, starting with all the familiar names of all the gods that were admired on this earth. However, these gods with name, less than are running the world, but rather this Force, this Vigor, which is in all. This desire to grow, growth itself, from plants, animals, man and the universe, the planets.
Everything is attached with this place or this strength, or if you want, this god. Everything is directed to grow organized. Another thing, life, this organization or this power to organize, does not have a profit motive, as claimed by the creators of wars, political, or religious.
This Vigor, I refused a bit to say "God" is totally impartial. Looking for harmony between all. Is seeking a balance between everything. Not in favor of a species or a race or a planet. The harmony and balance between all sought. Everything else is an invention of man for-profit and power.
I ventured say many personal thoughts now, but always honest, and no offense, or change, or convince anyone. You have to know, if you believe in a god, you have to share him with everything. Because we are not alone. Nor do you need to fight for him.
He is not one thing.
He is everything.
In conclusion, I remember a little philosophical poetry, although a little hard to understand. With that I wanted to express, that we are all one thing: God, life, matter, time, plant, power, …
Neutrons and flowers
I do not know, my friend, if I could answer you wanted to know, but perhaps the words serves to think a little, the complexity of the whole life. No Wall or boundary between life and God.

Josef Bauer

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