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The ship of dreams in the crater

Report: 167.

Another beautiful specimen of a kind of a strange form of life on Mars.

They may say they are dunes, snow, ice of different elements (NASA speaks preferably carbon dioxide, as it excluded life and were the only thing that freezes on Mars), accumulations of sand, and geological forms. You can give different names to my descriptions as illusions, fantasy and fables, and more. I'm watching these individuals closely.

in the images I change the color from black inverted and all colors, and of course ample the images, as far as resolution permits. I do, because in different colors, change the shadow, transparency, size, perspective, and with every aspect reflects something different.

Many times in the inverted color as well as are negative on a roll of photographic film in a camera, you see many times the true three-dimensional body of a stone, or a place.

I have the impression, without evidence to show that some images, from NASA they come already invested. The black sky images of the moon. can also be from Mars, already it can be changed.

The original would then, a white sky, or blue transparent, as we used to see him here on earth. But black color hides possibly the atmosphere, or stars, or something flying around.

Many times I change the black color images, and instantly is seen more normal, or better known. with this change lost this mystical color, which is black, black.

I choose this color, as it might be another in a gray with blue, which is also very good, to give form and life to certain structures.

you can not change the look of something when it's not real, is something different, out of the ordinary.

Only a structure that is not of this environment, whether geological or biological, highlighted with color variations. And who says with certainty which filter is used in making images.  There are descriptions of the filters, but certainty?Is there?

There are professional experts, who swore by his honor, for God and country, and humanity, that his testimony is true?

Simply no.

Me will tell them that think I am.

They will tell me that I'm conceited.

Ask a scientist something like an oath. But, why not?  Our religion, our faith, our life and culture, war, and more depend on analysis of all the information that comes from space.

No small feat, if they send me to fight a holy war supposedly, for a cause, believe in one God, who exists only for us, give my soul to God, which no created beings on another planet, and suddenly there are.

Any product on earth is tested and approved, after many checks and analyze multiple, for use as food, or clothing, or building materials, or technology, or medicine. The formal industry, and legal does not want to harm anyone.

via the Internet come from the NASA images, and next a description. Who writes it? An employee of which category? From which religion, which training? From which political tendency?

Therefore I tell you, dear readers, my descriptions may be wrong, but I describe it as I see it.Without looking around for secrets that affect the country or the world.

Without thinking one or several theologies, or policies of the day. If I find something like a tree, I describe it as such. With more data associated with the image, we can improve, and correct the description. While NASA does not give us each image, with resolution, that they have at their disposal, we describe everything we see as well as appears. Point.

What is more honest? Deliver a low resolution image, with shadows and parts overshadowed by computer, or a description spontaneous? My description is that this individual is well protected in this crater. It live there her life, and capable, does not believe there is intelligent life on this blue planet, which is his neighboring planet.

“What do you say?” Me said, when I showed up at one of his long dreams, and when I told him, of us.

“The blue planet earth with other than Martian life, extra Martian life?” “Not in dreams, my friend!”

He made a breather and i was expelled from his dreams. It seemed to me, before returning to reality, as a last impression, that this Individual Beings laughed loudly.

Josef Bauer

Source: S1000780

Fuente: Nasa/ Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera S1000780

                                         Wallpaper: The Dream Ship 1024 x 768

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Beata on May 20, 2013 at 9:44 AM said...


Josef Bauer on May 20, 2013 at 1:40 PM said...

Doña Beata
Thank you.
This really is an interesting form of orderly arrangement of matter. Organization is yes then actually living. I am now beginning a trip to my hometown, to Austria and then'm not activ awhile.
Josef Bauer

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