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Tell me where you live, and I tell you who you are

Report: 168.

If you live in a cave, and you protect yourself from the cold with animal hides, it is possible that you are a human ancestor. They can be some Neanderthals escaping the northern cold.

If you live on the tenth floor of a building, then you are a person of a civilized society, technologically advanced, and highly intelligent.

Animals are indexed or classified by the landscape in which they live. Birds are the inhabitants of airspace.

Animals with legs, but without wings are generally inhabitants of the land, with the possibility of hiding in the heights of trees or underground, in caves dug out from themselves.

Well, finally we have the inhabitants of the waters. Fish, and others that fish, mammals with the habit from swimming and diving, but with the need to breathe the air.

Stationary plants are not named animals because they cannot move from one place to another. Then I ask, "Who made this classification rudimentary and ancient. Darwin? Humboldt?

Everything was so simple classified. Stone, plant, animal, and man above all.

No place for intermediaries. A plant cannot think, because it has no moving possibility. A dog can run, so he can think, but unable to reason and less testify to the glory of God, and his creation, even if he is exactly part of this creation.

The man luckily may walk may think, and may all day like to thank the Almighty God. Therefore, it will join with its creator, barely says goodbye to a life with many sorrows.

Plants created from the same God, they have nothing that the powerful want to see in his home in heaven.

After the fall of a tree, possibly after a longer life than a man, less accumulated sins, and a life lived in meditation, and silent, at least to the ears of the deaf man, does not fit in the heaven.

The dog, tiger, and crocodile among others, do not go to heaven because often they bit fresh flesh of others, without asking, and less without paying. So they are classified as animals without reasoning. Then there is nothing to forgive. We give them under no circumstances a place in the divine eternity.

Nor in this life receives some recognition for being loyal to his master, in the case of dogs. The fish can move, but cannot speak, and then it is not worth anything. He must be killed, and eaten in quantity.

Only serve some exotic animal parts to increase slightly our sexual appetite. The wings of a shark, the teeth of elephants, wild animal leather for shoes, and some other things that are not worth putting on the list are used.

For a wing, or tooth pair logically must be killed this individual. No matter, it is just an animal. This is our view.

Viewed from the height between heaven and this earth down there. We, with our EGO almost touching the sky, but in no way touching the ground, this element dirty.

I do not want to continue with examples of our ignorance, who understands what I mean, it is going understanding already. In addition, who does not, I am not one to give anyone teaching. I am no scientist, as many times as I told them. Now there is something wrong in the last twenty years.

We are exploring our surroundings a little more. That is including space, moons, and planets even distant galaxies. Every image and every information from the different sensors of our satellites bring us information that we analyze, and filter.

Filter is the word, which is normally used to separate dirt from a clean product. It is also understood the separation of two products either different items or products such as water, or soft materials from strong material.

You can also filter information. You can head off secret information, or allow, passing a word and the other not.

Information from talks between people of little importance, as talking about the weather, is allowed to pass can circulate all sides, but if you use a keyword, such as terrorism, weapons, drugs, or the names of the most important presidents, the filtering starts.

Keywords they are redirected on a server with a personal analysis. Information of any kind today, and possibly all time, it is filtered, that is, which is analyzed first with a filter. If allowed, or not. With automation is increasingly easy for power, whoever he is, filter, and manipulate information.

You can also use the filter to pass information prefabricated tampered with values, not to say false. As in the case of advertising, which often promises something, which does not offer in the final product.

Look in your E-Mail program, where they talk with his counterpart about the latest cell phones, for example.

In the same E-Mail appears like magic, what a coincidence, an advertisement for a phone. What a coincidence, will think. This is the result of a filter!

Now finally, let us start with my story today. Mars In my walk I met again with an individual, or a small family group of some form of life. Nobody recognizes him as a form of life yet, so they do not have the name of race, unless individual name. I return to the beginning of my story, where I asked: "Tell me where you live and I will tell you who you are.” First classification. Well, this guy lives on Mars.

Therefore, it is an alien.

If correct. This guy is an alien, who lives on Mars, our sister planet. The second classification we do most rudimentary, here on earth.

This being does not fly, then nothing to do with a bird. Right. Do not walk then it is not an animal. The image is a snapshot; we cannot discard that it can move, but in this case not very likely. No is swimming; what question, if there is no water on Mars, than it is not a fish. Right to regard the fact that it is not swimming, but that there is no water on Mars, is wrong.

To classify this guy, or this breed remains the form, which was classified as plants. This means plants, in its countless appearance.

Right, there would rate without establishing whether they have intelligence or not, as a plant, or a mixture of fungi and moss, though it looks a high degree of organization in groups, and it looks adapted to the environment.

More, even yet, I see in these beings.

It has to have sensors to find the places of their choice to live, and they have to be able to get to these places preferred.

You see, they have the possibility to grow, to occupy large areas in dimensions not known on earth. A thousand or thousands of meters long is common, also square miles are occupied whole of them, or relatives of them.

I confirm responsibly again, that these Individual structure it looks organized, looking for places of their preference, if possible in groups, or in family groups. You always find them in places with high probability, that there is water in the surrounding area, or below them, in liquid or frozen.

I am glad to say with certainty that it is a way of life. A life form, which reacts to the presence of moisture, possibly electrical energy, or magnetic, or whole.

Electromagnetic fields can be a form of food, as the sun for plants on earth. Along with the slow absorption of water, and who knows, Martian soil substances, we have a way of life, new to us, but only one more in this universe.

To the man yet so hard to believe that there is life above a hundred feet above our heads. Here begins the sky, and this, so they think, is reserved just for us.

Just when we finished with this selfishness, only then we will have a place in heaven, but not in heaven of the Bible, but in the skies the entire universe. The sky or heaven of the Bible, it is no less great, if any, and the entrance to it depends on each one.

The entrance to the heavens of the universe, it depends on us together. Only a civilization united, can open the door to these worlds, and enter into union with other beings.

Never will allow us to enter with bombs hidden in pockets, as shown recently in this disastrous explosion, we did on the moon.

Josef Bauer

Source: NASA PSP_006873_1800_RED.NOMAP.browse.jpg


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