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Palenque sarcophagus levers technologies evidence

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Palenque is a Mayan city, located in a place in the jungles of southern Mexico. Today we call this Mexican state, "Chiapas.”

The Mayans were a people strong and dominant in this area. They were still in their glory when the Spanish came, and missionaries of the Catholic Church in the conquest of this people, of this continent. However, that is not the point of my story today.

Of the Maya, was written much and more yet to come. The magical date of 2012 is approaching. However, let us talk about that another time.

From the pyramids of the Maya, we know, a while ago. However, known in the whole world became a city called Palenque.

Source: National Geographic

 Palenque and the lid of his sarcophagus. 

My friend, Don Erich von Däniken also to have everything, but all his books in my library, some of it personally signed with his signature and desires, echoed this lid, carved with figures, which was found under the "pyramid of registered".

Since the publication of his books, each one interprets differently the engraved or carved image, in stone in the lid of a sarcophagus, supposedly from the king or god, named Pascal. This figure sitting there is a mystery unsolved. More by ignorance of science established that in the interest of the people.


Throughout the history of humankind, we were trained to believe what they say. More if it is written in a sacred book, there again, we must believe it. The written word does not lie.

If there is no evolution in man, as they say believers of pure creation, not evolution. Here is the evidence, what if, the truth in the scriptures, evolved. From interpretation to interpretation, evolves a letter, a word, a story, and the truth in general.

Nothing is changed so drastically, as a story written and copied and interpreted, again and again. The worst are the translations. These depend on someone understand at least two languages, and understand something of the meaning of the writing.

Well, are going back to this figure. In addition, we try to interpret something, carved long ago. However, we will give you an idea no more, without missionary anyone.

I had to work at my job, as Agronomist, with lots of heavy equipment. I know any tools and any spares like levers, bearings, washers, rivets, screws. Nuts and force transmissions in several ways.

Be direct with cardan shafts, with chains or hydraulic way. This is used for the movement of cranes, shovels, excavators, for guidance and for the brake. In each tractor are small levers for hydraulic part, or for fixed acceleration or speed fine adjustment of any pulley.

We speak not of Joysticks, as have modern aircraft and cars as they have for change. A little touch, and automatically change are made, or speed remains stable. Why do we speak so much of a technology, when we talked about recently of Pascal and his sarcophagus lid?

Because the drawing has nothing crude, of an indigenous lost in the jungle.

Because the knowledge of astronomy, which had the Mayans, has nothing crude, of an indigenous lost in the jungle.

Because, carrying large, heavy stones from one place below crossing rivers and lift up a mountain, to place stones securely locked in a work, enduring thousands of years, there is nothing crude of an indigenous person lost in the jungle.

Because knowledge in making phenomenal artwork, and three-dimensional without known’s tools it is work from an advanced civilization. I trust myself to say, more than us.

If we walk in literally everything we say, would have been gross warriors. Nothing to do with thin hands and a brilliant mind. Looking at the picture, we see the opposite.

The face of this man is fine, of course with the characteristic of this breed. The nose, the shape of the head and eyes are unique to the breed of the Maya.

However, here we do not qualify either breed, but what is seen and what has been said is more a compliment. We continue with our description of this figure, and gradually we will see more.

Look at his eyes. This person is so focused on his work, whether flying a UFO, or whatever. Or manipulates a terrestrial machine for transport or movement for something.

All his senses are so alert and watching all at once. Is an operator of a machine, or land or air vehicle.

A man needs a lot of experience to automatically handle with one hand, a sensor, or instrument, to be an accelerator, a brake, a crane or a joystick, while with the other hand is done another move.

Until the feet have a lever to tighten occasionally.  Look, with that softness and only with the tips of her fingers on his right hand touches the tip of a pipe.

 That surely has a small wheel, or something to rotate with take care, for a precise fit.

Nothing to do with the heavy work, and the inept touch of heavy tools.

This is the use of the hand in a very sensible move. Together with his gaze fixed, surely watching how the vehicle reacts to the setting, it is clear, that handles some sort of technological equipment.

The man in the drawing in turn, was observed of an extraordinarily capable artist, who in turn made ​​a snapshot into stone, as with a camera.

There is no place to interpret something else or remove something of importance. If something does not lie, it is the stone and the artist. He did exactly what he saw before him, engraved into the stone.

Here we have the Lever carved in the Palenque sarcophagus lid.

 This is a simple doser of something, that has to be regulated.

What this lever is regulating can be the energy for the machine, or part of it.

The dispenser may also be measured markings preset with a fluid of a liquid, with a valve to the left side. We return to the operator. His eyes did not stop to stare at a point imagined before him. That can be a monitor, or out the window, we do not know.

What else we can watch? We see, this is some mechanical, there is not the slightest doubt. However, what surprises me most is the artist who did this and sure many other works in stone.

As said earlier, scripts evolved. Not literally, but the writing sense, but not to favor of the truth. Copies of something written lose value, and the truth degenerates at comic levels.

Something written, or carved, or sculpture in stone, do not evolve. Never. Erosion can only delete something, but never replace something new to the place of origin. Reliefs and sculptures are the true writing, and the only way to transfer data and events to a future generation.

So here, we have evidence of something she looked really. The sculptor is not going to waste time with fancy drawings. The observed pattern is manifested in into stone.

I am surprised at the details, you can recognize. The nails on the finger of hand, in the toe. All three-dimensional drawing. Here you want to describe something. Here we want to show, and save something to generations far into the future.

We achieved this goal. But we both overloaded with animated drawings from Hollywood. We think that in all civilizations, they lost time with such stories. Therefore we think first of fanciful drawings, instead of seeing something historic and real. It is ridiculous.

I keep a little with the description of the drawing. Something is interesting to observe. I speak unique of the man in clothes, in style of his time. Elegant and than necessary no more. None of protection, if some details of fashion, trendy.

A staff or an operator at the time, and a technology used for something not clear. Although the gods came from the stars, do not think, this Maya man in his clothing or party costume, or work dress, presents a pilot of an airplane or ship advanced.

It is not, that you cannot learn how to use, with a teaching, but planes, flying objects, are simply more advanced and need more protection from the pilot and further study and training.

No one flies to the stars in shorts. In the event that a UFO has so much comfort, to travel with little protective clothing will be more technology to this comfort, and that forces, pilots have a higher category.

Just so, I do not think that is handled there an airplane or something like that. More, I think, it is a land vehicle. Using technology to match our tractors, or a little more advanced. But not so much, we could not understand how it works.

The fact that there is technology, it is a sensation, and for many people this does not believable. However, the design does not lie. Not like black ink in newspapers magazines or tabloids.

Not like some media companies broadcast news via satellite, or cable, showing the explosion of a nuclear bomb, and talk about a fire.

For me it is indisputable evidence that there were machines, which moved, which was handled sitting upon, or inside of them.

So efficient, and so simple that an apprentice of this earth could handle it. The machine with the gods disappeared inside a ship, probably more advanced, and piloted by real pilots.

Art in if shown, shows a culture higher than imagined, and the design itself speaks in strong language about a technological object. That is for sure.

The lever, which show there is an interesting detail, and shows me that this is a technology to our height, or a little more advanced in some details. As can be the energy used.

 Maya hieroglyph of motor and energy

Why have Mayan people a hieroglyph for power and energy?

In another report, I will talk about other details found in the same drawing. Used physical laws, and artifacts manufactured by industry. However, about that next.

Josef Bauer

Wallpaper: Palenque Lever 1,024 x 768 Pixels

The video: la palanca de palenque/ the Lever of Palenque

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