Monday, October 19, 2009

Tell me the truth. Is there life on earth?


Reflection: 012.
Mars-Nessy: my correspondent on mars
... He goes to the Mars Lander after the Phoenix landing on Mars, and asks:
Really, you come from the earth to visit, and take some pictures of me?
Tell me the truth. Is there life on earth?
You are really one of this extra-Marciano?
I did not think that there is intelligent life on another planet, if not from Mars. Tell me in the world is all under water?
You can live with so much water? How do they breathe when it rains?
All beings have six wheels, like you, or four feet's, or there are more nice people like me, who do not have wheels or legs to move?

Tell me the truth, as I you believe in God?
On a god who created us who created this unique planet Mars with beautiful and unique life, that is capable of thinking, and go from hot rock to another without rest.
Sitting on a hot rock, and absorb the accumulated heat of the sun is the most happy for us. That whole day we thank our God, who gives us heat. You suffer so much moisture insurance, or are also places where it never rains?
It must be paradise. Hot and dry. How? You call it desert. Paradise on earth is called desert. In my next phase of cold weather, I’m going to dream of this distant paradise. When it’s cold here, we sleep under a rock. Sometimes six months.
After the sun and ultraviolet rays warm us the cells, we started to move again.
But tell me everything. You were created by a God like us?

Not from a rock like me, you are from iron and plastic. God is powerful. Iron and metal and plastic produces life too.
I always knew that there is more life in this universe. I knew it, but it is forbidden for us to think and believe in that. But tell me all...

be continue…
 Josef Bauer

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