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The bomb is not the problem!

Report: 064.

The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, and its Centaur rocket stage hit near the lunar South Pole in a search for water ice.
Here is the goal, where it was expected the impact of the bomb.

This image shows the flash at the moment of the explosion.
This white spot is the main explosion. It is not confirmed what is that another bright spot, which appears a little far, but in the same crater.

 An ultraviolet photograph shows clearly the bright spot of the flash. It’s the first bomb explosion on the Moon.

 NASA was successful, but humanity showed its aggressive nature. The approach is wrong. This is the problem of political thought in general of the largest state’s unions in this world, the USA.
The USA is technologically advanced. Many inventions are included in a space program. Tech apparently solved all the problems of science.
The bomb is not the problem, the goal orientation, how to be a problem solves, that is the problem! This is the weak point.
Let’s see, how the analytical thinking, of a business analyst is. A good administrator of a company must have an accounting image of the company. An image, as is the balance sheet at this time.
Also, you must prepare an abstract image of your company, with optimum data. Prepare an image of the state of your company, where all factors would be optimal. The minimum cost, high sales and other factors, like the best personnel and machinery, reflecting a company exemplary.
Now we have to compare the two results, the actual state and the abstract state, but possible to do. This analysis indicates which factors are weak in the company, how much is still lacking in order to achieve the goal of an optimum result. All points those are not yet ideal, logically there to polish, to approach the optimal results. This is a constant act of balancing the functioning of a company.
In achieving the goals, thinks a politician different.
No balance, not a country effectively is the goal. The military potential is the goal. Raw Force maintains many countries on foot, but they are far from an optimum system level, an optimal state. Gross regulation, the use of force with military weapons, many countries remains standing, although economically and morally bankrupt. The policy of the USA never sought, or sought a financial balance, less a moral balance. Still less military, they took the lead in expenditures on armaments and delirious in the use, without any moral doubts.
They never thought of a comprehensive solution of the problems without the use of force. Here I include the question, what are the problems that were resolved in the last hundred years.

Rights holdings of oil wells were and are the main problems.
Contrary to the laws of physics, first the problem is caused, and the same who caused it, he goes around the world and offers the solution. The idea, how is it to solve, always comes from traders, not from technicians and good administrators, or religious leaders.
Dealers of money, and weapons, run global policies.
Money is a market commodity, not a payment instrument!
Weapons are to make people, or entire villages, obey.
The two goods are used, to destroy humanity, not for an overall wellbeing.
Then the approach, like using the large human capital, scientific intelligence, the money of working people is wrong. Everything is resolved with force, and money. The gross theory causes more wars, more problems, more pain, and more hatred.
Just on the day of first use of a bomb in a space body, which is not us, or of any nation, which was attacked earth’s moon, received the President of the United States the Nobel Prize.
I congratulate him on one side, but also hope, that he change the focus point of view, how to use human intelligence.
The explosion of a bomb, a bubble (in the stock market, where people also suffer greatly) here on earth, or worse on another planet or moon, never can bring positive results.
Administrative principles, morals, no principles, and military tactics, must be the guidance of mankind, especially of the leading countries on this earth. Only so there are going to a positive outcome for humanity in the long term.
It is time for the USA, and humanity in general, to analyze the two statements. We must look at the state of humanity at the time, and the abstract state, where we would be.
Perhaps, we are where we want to be? I doubt it!
 Josef Bauer
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