Saturday, October 31, 2009

Methane, leaving the soil of Mars

From Small holes in the soil of Mars comes a gas, probably methane, what could be likely the product of a massive Bacterial Respiratory process, from bacterial cultures living in underground lakes.
Methane outflow
Office: “Mars-Nessy hello, you hear me?”
“Where are you?”
Mars-Nessy: “I hear you, but tell me everything.
It’s true, that their cars are moving, when methane is burned.
Ill burn the gas, what is coming out of these caves, wait and then tell me everything.”
Office: Nessy no, not start anything! Stop playing with fire!
Who knows? If there so much methane, perhaps the whole planet will break on this explosion.
Methane outflow
We will study it together, and then we’ll see what we do.
Mars-Nessy: You scared me with your cry, but tell me everything
Office: First pull the two stones, and stop to make sparks with them…
Methane outflow
These images clearly show the flow out of gas from the soil of Mars.
Methane outflow
Mars has no volcanic activity, so the methane can only come from a bacterial Respiratory exchange. This means that there is life on Mars.
Josef Bauer
the wallpaper bacterial Respiratory exchange 1 1024x768 35.8KB
the wallpaper bacterial Respiratory exchange 2 1024x768 27.4KB
Credit: PSP_007162_1915

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