Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mars and earth connection confirmed - Part 1

Reflection: The gods brought the technology to our world.

The gods brought the technology to us, the same as they used on Mars. Again is clearly a historical connection between Mars and earth gods.

The technology of the gods is very sophisticated. They can manipulate exotic materials and perform miracles with high technology machines. Know how to cure diseases, and makes constructions, with stones for eternity. The weight of the blocks of his works is not like bricks, they are rocks like as bricks, but a thousand times larger and heavier.

They brought, from simple tools to work, until expertise, for example in astronomy, and measures of time.

They helped with clear rules on the organization of cultures, and knew the importance of a healthy race, and a pure blood. It was a protection, not mixing with non-humanoid race, because genetically that was possible.

Possibly with the introduction of some genes or any genetic manipulation, we prevented such mixing.

In many ways they tried to give us information logically and help us to prevent unhealthy processes in society and in everyday life. The rule was put most striking fear into the soul of each person prior to an attack on these divine laws.

You have to understand the psychological part of a human being to implant in the depths of his soul and conscience a taboo, a prohibition of certain acts or negative ways.

Not a God or gods can control thousands of one by one in their behavior. Lift a Taboo on these rules dictated by the gods it prevents the individual begins to ask why.

The fear of hurting the desire of God is so strong that even though God is far from this guy, he will be good. And it did, and thus this.

The gods were with us and guided us and the gods are still there and watching us. Perhaps still guide us, but more are watching us and let us move slowly in one direction, that they allow.

Greetings Josef Bauer

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