Friday, October 16, 2009

Liquid water on Titan

Cassini has discovered evidence that points to the existence of an underground ocean of water and ammonia on Saturn's moon Titan. The findings were made using radar measurements of Titan's rotation.

"With its organic dunes, lakes, channels and mountains, Titan has one of the most varied, active and Earth-like surfaces in the solar system," said Ralph Lorenz, lead author of the paper and Cassini radar scientist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland, USA. "Now we see changes in the way Titan rotates, giving us a window into Titan's interior beneath the surface."

Titan has liquid water. This is strong news. Isn’t

Titan gave us many times a suspicion of Water and Air, and a tense atmosphere. One and a half more tense than ours. Almost as tense that you can drink it.

Whenever you are as our ancestors adapted to these gas mixtures.

Titan is covered with ice Sea. So far, though it is already a sensation, but its normal news to astronomers. Ice is up on the moon, on Mars, each comet, and appears to be in all the heavenly bodies. But we say no liquid water find ever out there.

No dream, something that cannot be possible. So they say. He took photos with Radar of Titan Sea and suddenly the previously found had moved twenty miles.

What does this mean?

Before, all thought that if there is water, it is frozen to the bottom of the sea. A whole block of ice. Now move the top, as in the North Pole. Floating! Sea not moves, but the ice cap. Although, possibly thousands of feet deep. But the deeper part of the lake is no longer frozen, but liquid water! The Titan has volcanic activity. He has Heat inside.

You, my friend, also know it, that life on earth couldn’t exist, although we are very close to the sun without the heat of the depth of our land? So Titan is hot, has liquid water mixed with ammonia. What is ammonia? This is gas that is produced in the rotten process of different products such as organic food, or biological bodies in the transformation of food into sugar. This gas also occurs in sewage tanks in airtight silos.

There is the deadly place for mortals like us. But bacteria in the fermentation of organic produce this gas. These bacteria live only where there is no oxygen. Where there is ammonia, there is life of bacteria.

I’m Agronomist, nothing more and nothing less, but enough to understand of all the class of fermentation of organic matter. In the production of wine only with the help of these bacteria begin to ferment grapes. The biogas is produced in the transformation of organic matter into humus and gas. In Sao Paulo in Brazil is one of the biggest factories of biogas produced from waste. Pipe are placed on the floor, put garbage enzymes and covered with earth. With heavy machinery is pressed this mixture over the pipes. There are tens of meters of garbage and land cover in the form of sandwiches. In between circulating pipes with open pores. There goes the gas produced with the exclusion of oxygen and enters the pores in the tubes of this circuit pipe and up to a tank where compressed and loaded into portables gas tanks or in a pipeline for the transport at the buildings and their distribution in the city. The gas is a sign of life, and intense activity of bacteria, so therefore there is biological life on Titan! I offer two books you can read.

Author: Frank Schätzing

Title: News from an unknown universe, a journey through the seas

Author: Hoimar v. Ditfurth Title: In the beginning there was hydrogen

These two books, and others of the same authors, explained in a very interesting form, as there is life, and in what places, and in what setting almost impossible to live, there is life. In the most abstract way possible. We cannot doubt that life is something natural. We cannot doubt that the nature hostel life.

No matter where, whatever, with two legs, or one hundred feet’s.

No miracles. But if there, there is!

Big greetings to my friends

Josef Bauer

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