Monday, December 28, 2009

Now another twenty years have passed.

 Reflection: 021.
What Progress! Part - 2 / 4
God let me live for some reason still.
Possibly, in order to enjoy paradise in which we must already be, to live.
In the sixties there were only twenty years more to reach the future, thirty to reach total Utopia.
A German expression (der totale Wahnsinn kommt auf uns zu), in Castilian was thought to live in the total fantastic madness.
It took fifty years. This is a significant advance in time.
But we went forward in time?
I say no. We went back.
I do not have exact numbers on hand, but the cars were multiplied many times. Cell phones multiplied, and by the way, now you see photos in them and you can speak on the go. Today, there are three thousand three hundred million phones!
The cars stink’s so bad, that no one sweating horse exhibits at fast gallop so many gases or odors, and even less, toxic odors.
The cars still carry with them an oven and burn fuel.
They have rubber wheels, which are punctured, and wear.
The brake pads still fill the air with asbestos (cancer!), Instead of recovering kinetic energy during braking.
The heavy vehicles have a gear box instead of regular the wheel speed in an electric motor on the wheels itself.
A cable can transmit power to the wheels, and a computer can regulate the voltage needed, rather than using a driveshaft, and a gear transmission box, filled with dirty oil!
What Progress!
Josef Bauer
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