Friday, December 11, 2009

The wristwatches from the Annunakis Part-6

Report: 084.

The gods sowed many new ideas among the people of Sumer, of the Sumerians.
Sure, also among the Egyptians. But let’s stay in Iraq before. That was the beginning of mankind.
They were conscious of him, and of the connection with the universe.
Slavery was normal.
Working for the Egyptian pharaoh, or working for the king, or better still work for a god that is so generous, and comes from heaven and live with common people did the same.
No matter that this god drove the people to work.
Nobody is asking, because a god needs so much gold, silver and other metals, which had to dig and search, and deliver on deadlines. Failure to comply with the quantity, it was logical and natural for the people, that God, or the Annunakis, is angry. Time was money. It still is today.
 The time is the most valuable, that there is in life. The Annunakis knew.
Never is there enough time to do everything. Whoever did their job faster, faster could be achieved the goal of a manufacturing or construction on earth, or in heaven.
 The temples on the planet earth are constructed for the people and the space station for the gods. Everything needs material. You have to get it. The Annunakis were masters in this. They were mainly hunters of valuable materials. Sure robots are used for heavy work, but nothing else better than a human being with his skills.

Giving the people some tips, showing some technological devices and threatening people with hell if they do not obey, so they had the best team available.
Religion is born of technology! I have said and I repeat. The magician always gets faithful viewers.
 Josef Bauer
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