Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What progress! Part-1 / 4

 Reflection: 020.

A Reflection about the progress of the last fifty years.
I was watching and reading more than thirty year all the news of astronomical discoveries.
In the years, 1965-1985, astronomical information was very scarce. They knew more or less the diameters of the planets, the time for one revolution around the sun and knew some moons.
Earth’s moon, causing the woman’s menstruation! (The moon has the same schedule for 28 days as women in their monthly cycles) and causing the movement of sea water, the tide. Good.
They knew the two moons of Mars (Jules Verne described as exact dimensions and movement against the clock).
Go to the moon was a dream that came true in the sixties and nine. The moon with no atmosphere, so does Mars. That was the scientific review.
Not to mention water ice on Mars or on the moon. Only in fiction they already talked and  wrote about that. The German novel series “Perry Rhodan”, had very prophetically and successful described the environment in nearby cosmos, as the existence of planets inhabited by life in all forms imaginable.
But a serious man, do not read fiction, even fewer thought about it and talking about that.
In these stories, they are talking about phones, where you can see who are calling. In neither the seventies, which was not known nor a computer, they already talking about computers with large memory, and many more details that came forty years later.
But the church and stab (the team) from established scientists laughed at so many fantasies. Good. The time won the unbelievers.
What was not allowed to believe at that time, so today, this are personal objects in daily life of each individual. Thus, a technology renewed, will be our life in less than forty years.
So thought the dreamy futurists and people like me in my youth I was, and able, I am still today. Only today, I’m no longer dreaming of radical technological change, if not a humanitarian exchange.
For me in 1965, the year 1980 was magical. There, all the Utopia of these days, in these sixties, will be Reality, and the years of the nineties than would be to live in a magical world.
I prayed to god with my 9 or ten years let me live until now. The granted me this wish and let me pass the magical date.
I get the date of the magical year of the eighties, and neither the press nor no one spook of a historical event. The same was in 1990.
Yet I lived in the Future of my dreams I had before and it was nothing something special.
The cars were smoking, making noise, clashing, people died of hunger and simple illnesses. They ate and drank contaminated food and water.
The watches were still analog. Although I already had a Swiss watch automatic, with the arm movement, always stayed in place, but nothing yet from another world.
Also they used electric calculators and who could, whether he bought a scientific calculator. Color television also came into the houses.
The moon was forgotten. Not a story, no more satellite went over there. The landline telephone was modern with buttons instead of the wheel with the numbers.
What progress!
The aircraft, therefore no longer used propellers, but turbo with a push from hell.
There are Thousands of horses in these engines with an impressive Kerosene consumption.
One hundred and fifty thousand liters of kerosene is stored in the wings of a jumbo jet to carry the weight of two hundred people!
What progress!
Josef Bauer
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