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Phoenix the NASA satellite landed on Mars

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Report: # 086

As you know, landed the Phoenix, a NASA satellite on Mars, and I’m interested, like many people this issue.phoenix lander_1  In the analysis of the first pictures, first I found something that is possibly the Phoenix parachute.

Just after two days NASA does, and brings a story with two photos, and clarified the issue, what I was asked them. But that are great words of mine, because they will always ignore it, if they do not want to comment. Now they show the Phoenix hanging in his parachute, flying toward the surface of Mars.

The Phoenix, who courageously jumps into the Flames

Now they are interested to show Phoenix on his landing site. Okay. The more pictures we get better is it.phoenix lander_2 The interesting thing is that the camera is in the Mars Orbiter satellite, a distance of 760 km!

The parachute is 10 meters in diameter. The Phoenix measurements don’t know at this moment. But with its circular solar cells and electronic equipment placed all over the Phoenix Mars Lander, it acts as a mirror and reflects great and big, the bright sun which is shining on the sky above him.

That’s easy to find him among the rocks, with a much brighter color, as the dark soil.phoenix lander_3  As we showed in the first story I found and published, I believe in world premiere of something unusual, something artificial in the vicinity of the landing. It’s like a transmission tower placed on the soil of Mars. Just as CNN or BBC and were awaiting his arrival.

It is not the first time that BBC reaches places of unique events first (WTC-7).

Now, Phoenix put all his three legs in the soil of Mars. Technically is it a massive achievement. But hard to believe, that this really works. If one of the legs touches a rock two feet in height he would fall. He found no obstacle in its Russian roulette wheel landing. Many places full of rocks, ice-filled, full of craters and fault lines.

What technology is NASA, which does not tell us? If they can get proper images to locate such a place without obstacles, because they don’t show us photos of this resolution?

And how they can make, that an unmanned satellite, drops down to a few square meters instead of default on a planet spinning and flying. Is that martial GPS technology being used?

Are already more satellites in orbit, we do not know? In the case, they do not have a special GPS, how they can take risks, to expose this satellite at such high risk, and risk so much money?

There are many questions that are also or more important, than the question whether there is life on Mars. NASA sent its first images in white on black! In 2008 each cell phone has better resolution. Now we got an image of a patch of ice below, next to the Phoenix. You cannot determine what it is, with the eye. It is a colorless image. Expanding the image to two hundred per cent, it’s a simple extension twice and losing sharpness ago. With what type of camera works the Phoenix robotic arm. With 2 Mb Pixel should have to go much better. I suppose that they are interested in clarity of the images, and they will be equipped with the latest technology.

Again, the Orbiter out of a distance of 760 kilometers get pictures of a moving object (in vertical drop) and the camera, positioned in the arm of Phoenix at a height of two feet, is below the landed Phoenix does not command a very high resolution images.

Something does not match! Everything seems set up and selected and censored!

Only one image appears to have no abnormality and is better. In another image, much more curious, and unfortunately at a distance of ten or twenty yards, you cannot enlarge the image.

They take the time to manually browse or screening programs for serving and censuring without giving information to the public. Because it allows the public, the people of the United States this Cheating?

Military is concerned? But the military is also by and for people. Not against. Or are we in different places. Beyond its military power, and the common man here?

We fight different fights and different battles in places not reachable by the common man.

There are battles in space, or for the space itself?

The Phoenix has already deployed its wings with solar cells.

Here we see a transmission tower! NASA said after two days of silence that is the parachute.phoenix lander_4 To compare an image of the Phoenix embedded in the same white object standing at a distance of one mile. Normally, a parachute is like a cloth on the ground and not erected meters in the air. phoenix lander_5 

Josef Bauer

Source: PSP_008591_2485

Source: PSP_008585_2915

Source: 230000main_SS000EFF896228773_10CA8R8M1

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