Saturday, December 26, 2009

The wristwatches from the Annunakis Part-7

  Report: 085.

So far, I found six different models of watches.
Each character from the Annunakis had its own model.
Until today I could identify only two Gods with the same model watch.
Sure booths were from the same team, the same source or the same ship or Yahweh, of the Lord.
In a separate job Ill draw different clocks or if any reader can do for me, would be welcome.
This blog is not commercial.
If I can present some curiosity in the most aesthetic way possible, this will be my personal satisfaction. And the clocks are curious things.
There’s no doubt.
 The more I get involved in the issue of these gods of the Sumerians, more I am convinced that these beings are extraterrestrial, but neither are gods.
It is easy to impress an Indian in the Amazon with a lantern, which lights in the night without fire, and get off the jungle with a helicopter, and presented himself as a god.
And they did so five thousand years ago and with more technology than we have now. Who would not believe in these gods? But religion is not the issue now.
Now we are interested, we have been visited once by beings from other stars. I confirm that we had visitors.
Josef Bauer
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