Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anunnakis and their wristwatch-Part-2


Here is another example of a modern clock, or an important measuring tool. Since today, there may be, it is multiple measuring tool. Perhaps to measure the time from different planets, the genomic coordinate address, a device for communication.

Each device probably had the possibility to exert multiple functions, as today it can make any digital device.
I will forward or comment, that these characters if he is a god, half bird and half man, or man with a mask, always carry two or three kits of this technological devices with him. So it’s more appealing, and with a more less chance to explain with a simple casualty.
 In all my pictures I want to show something interesting and presented in an aesthetic form, harmonious in color and showing the beauty which certainly has every relieve, every light in the sky, each geological form. Often there is no scientific explanation.
In my view creating and presenting it as I call in Ovni-Digiart or Art Bell computerized is simple admiration to the creation in its complexity. Intelligent beings are connected with the creation of god.
This ability to create is something divine. I will take to thank all the artists of all times for his initiative to leave samples of their creativity.
As me once told a reader, not everything has to be published. Create art, poetry, sculpture, an image of something common, but taken from a different angle, or a painting made with colors and shapes of pure fantasy, is a personal satisfaction.
So I see my art and the display as a personal artistic satisfaction. If some friends looking my blog and get a few moments of pleasant surprise, then we are two we won with my work. Explanations are for later. This can be a new science for scientists.
As my friend Erich von Däniken, as another friend, the artist Wolfgang Pöttinger, like my friend, the Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz, all agree, we have to submit the forms, and letters, and the human as it is, without interpretation.
It’s a bit difficult to understand, but interpretations can vary, so an artistic interpretation or simply a natural presentation is the healthiest.
 Important is to bring together the stones of the information, and with every bit of knowledge, we are less deep in the darkness of ignorance. Moore less slaves of our leaders will be.
The avalanche of information yet began to move.
The more of this information is attached, the stronger is this ball of strings, and bits and bytes, and Higgs (particles of god) and will drag with intellectual depression, and humanity is going to be purer, less aggressive, closer to God.
Josef Bauer
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