Monday, November 16, 2009

Mickey Mouse is hidden on Mars


Report: 079.
You will not believe what I am going to present below. I’m not looking for something unusual as this one. I’m looking for beautiful landscapes, in my research into hundreds of images transmitted and released to the public. Accidentally I discovered the image of the figure best known on planet earth and who knows, also on Mars.

But first let me ask my correspondent on Mars, Mars-Nessy.
Mars and UFOs Mysteries Office: “Mars-Nessy, hello, you can hear me, and attend a moment?”
Mars-Nessy: “I am listening,” Mars Nessy says, “but tell me everything.”
Office: “No, I want to know something from you. Who is he?”
Mars-Nessy: ”He or him who is there?”
Office: “Him, there in this picture, He, with such big ears.”
Mars-Nessy: “Ah, he is, but tells me everything. How did you discover him? He doesn’t want to be seen. But tell me everything.”
Office: “You tell me now who he is and do not ask me more before answering.”
Mars-Nessy: “Well, but...”
Office: “No!”
Mars-Nessy: Then he is called, but...”
Office: “No!”
Mars-Nessy: “Well, yes, yes.”
“He is called Mars Mickey and he is my friend. But on Earth you do not know him?
No way. He is known throughout the galaxy.”
Office: “Yes I know him, but I am surprised that he is here...”
When I saw the image in an image of the surface of Mars, I think, that I’ve seen that face before.

I remembered a story about an archaeological discovery in Sweden.
In this report is described that an archeologist in Sweden has found some small statue, what can be the grandfather of Mickey Mouse. Archaeologists found the grandfather from Mickey Mouse in the mud somewhere in Sweden. The age of it can be estimate at the time of 900 bc.

Below you can view the report with a picture of this statue.
I will show in the continuation in several pictures, the image of Mickey Mouse on Mars. Is not that like?

Is it a casual game of the nature of Mars or someone has humor, and move some stones, and places to see as a figure of a film?
The aliens are not joking. But if they joke, they joke well.
 Josef Bauer

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