Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The wristwatches from the Annunakis Part-4

 Report: 080.

Only an elite group carrying something likes our watches today.
At each airport you can see the clocks to mark the hours of individual countries. Imagine them, Annunakis, came from another planet, perhaps in another solar system. Each system has different twists around suns, or planets, or moons different. Compulsory, to not get lost in space and time, had to have a clock to measure time and to know where the constellations of stars are. No doubt they had to know what time it is at this time in the place of their origin. Nor can they waste time where they work, in this case here on earth. What they do or did here was purely work. It was a work on an established plan, with a timetable to meet.
 An advanced civilization is not measured in money the value of a job, if not the time to complete a pre-programmed or work. Logistics is essential. Too much is at stake. Too much has to run like clockwork. To finish any product you need something more complex parts. Today, Airbus is produced in four countries, not to mention the thousands of articles that run inside of advanced artifacts. I believe there is no country in the world, who is not involved in any way in making one of these planes.
The basic elements are already in several countries such as Food, Iron, Wood, Oil, for plastics, copper cables, leather seats, rubber or Amazon rubber for tires and endless. The whole world is endeavoring to run the global industry. This step and passes on other worlds. Each is a gear tooth of a large work.
If I am wrong with the interpretation of these watches, never mind.
I will not be far wrong, because it was just them; they brought the measurement of time to us. Like them also many other gods, other names, but they were always the gods who taught us to measure time.

Josef Bauer

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