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The Phoenix, who courageously jumps into the Flames

 Report: 082.

NASA, they call this satellite (while flying) Phoenix and Mars-Lander when he has landed on Mars. Phoenix-Mars-Lander.
Renewed and stronger again, so was the Phoenix bird that rises from the ashes. Now, almost fell into the ashes of Mars. He was flying in his descent from orbit very close if not directly over a large crater. The Crater named Heimdall. A landing in or on the rough terrain toward the bottom of this huge crater, another had been its success. Would be the third special envoy failed in the attempt to land. Luckily it did not. Not many places as smooth and with few rocks, such as where finally landed.
 NASA shows us two things in this adventure.
One, they are playing Poker. A big. A how expensive. Hundreds of millions of dollars sent to a far-away land. A place in motion. Mars rotates on its axis in its orbit, and departs every moment of his place where he was until a moment.
Ok, these movements are linear and no quantum jumps, a linear motion of a planet can be calculated. Not me personally, but an astronomer with a good computer knows where tomorrow is a planet in space.
Already, the Mars Orbiter is circulating in orbit around and about Mars. Possibly he used the position of corrections also for Phoenix.
But the Orbiter is also constantly circulating and orbiting around Mars. To know that the Orbiter never stand still is very important to recognize the incredible precision in the images recordings. Sometimes enters in the shadow of Mars itself, Mars is placed in the middle of the Orbiter and area road to earth. Thus, the signals must be stored in a computer of the Orbiter, and when he comes in contact with the earth, there can quickly send the data. Also, as you know, get all the data from the two Mars Rovers, Opportunity and Spirit. There are no little bits and bytes to absorb and transmit to the earth, to the control center of NASA. No talk yet of the images being taken by the Orbiter itself. It should also be sent to earth.
If the Orbiter can correct its course spontaneous, and turn his photographic camera to certain interest approaches do not know. Excuse me, but I’m not professional in engineering, astronomy, electrical or other´s. I am like you and like you there all that interests me, but until then no more. I really want to always show beautiful things and things a little curious. The technical explanation, I leave it to them, it should be. Everyone who stays with his Glue, Carpenter says.
I’m Agronomist, and no Carpenter, then with that, why I will compete with NASA. I do not compete but I will point out some oddities. Fin.
Now I continue with the Phoenix, who falls to the ashes of Mars. Hopefully, he can take off with many new discoveries. We need to know once and for all, if there is life, water or not on Mars! That is the mission of it.
Now I come to the point two, which shows NASA. NASA shows the immense technological power, it has.
The Orbiter, as I said, is flying, spinning, sending data, working a full.
Now, comes to visit his little brother, Phoenix. The orbiter, he greeted the phoenix from afar, and guides him to a proper orbit. In fact, Phoenix does it alone, because no fool, he also is a Product of NASA.
But he’s small. And in an exact moment he drops towards to the surface of Mars. His older brother is currently at a distance of 760 kilometers, and who knows where. Maybe he is seen by the phoenix, or is he just on the dark side of Mars in the shade, or the South Pole, or wherever. But no matter, NASA knows, Phoenix knows this, and more still know the Orbiter.
Moreover the Orbiter promised NASA, also to the whole world, and more his brother, take him a picture when he, I mean the Phoenix, is falling with its parachute quickly to the surface of Mars. So he promised, and he did. On a sunny day (luckily the rain stopped a few days before, no joke) is the Phoenix landing.
 See photos of the Phoenix now and not yet Orbiter and Lander, or rather the Flying Phoenix! The interesting thing is that the camera is in the Mars Orbiter satellite at a distance of 760 km! It is able to find a falling object, the Phoenix, and take pictures of an object with a diameter of ten meters. The parachute is 10 meters in diameter. The Phoenix I do not know in the moment, it can be half.
The orbiter nearly eight hundred kilometers away, traveling around Mars, and Phoenix falling, get the orbiter a clear picture!
The other images at a height of less than three hundred kilometers altitude above Mars, with little air in the atmosphere, as they say, (as does a parachute out of air?) Do not go bright images even in natural color.
In an oversight, NASA shows its technological power. As I said The Mars orbiter is not a geostationary satellite. He is moving continues around mars.
The orbiter rotates rapidly on Mars and the Phoenix is falling, but both are in the air to greet, and take a picture. Clearly you can see the cords of the parachute, at a distance of 760 kilometers, this is a great thing it’s possible and if not is a crazy thing. Isn’t?
 Nobody talked about this photo, because the fact that a satellite landing was much more exciting.
At other times, the same orbit sends us images of inferior quality. Much lower. Why? If it were possible to remember is that vehicle to another Mars taken the photo from a shorter distance has. It’s possible to think that another Mars or space vehicle has taken the photo from a smaller distance? What´s if the NASA owns others vehicles, as knowing to us?
Greetings Josef Bauer
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