Sunday, November 22, 2009

Annunakis and their wristwatch-Part-5

 Report: 081.

An Annunaki is walking under the shade of an umbrella, which keeps a slave about the head of the god-man or man-god, to protect him from the sun.
 Surely he is more accustomed the shadow, or the climate in the UFO of transportation or travel, the sun of Persia (Iraq).
In this case takes two clocks to take the different degrees of time in several planets or space stations.
 Also visible are the three most important tools, and more characteristically from the Annunakis.

 But of this I will speak later. I will present more clocks, and then we will analyze more technical details.
Not everything is religion. Much is pure technology. From technology, not understood religion is born, or fortress with technologic artifacts outside the place and time.
 Josef Bauer
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Human Flotsam on December 7, 2013 at 4:29 PM said...

The Pine cone looking device is also technology (Which are form the tree of life and I believe represent DNA manipulation. The Wrist technology indicate how much exposure to our sun so they can limit themselves to this exposure. The wings work more like a shield so they are not attacked for the back. I thought they didn't allow representations of the to be made, that they forbid it? Just what I am seeing......

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