Friday, November 20, 2009

The plagues of the Apocalypse have already arrived?


Tsunami, Earthquake, cyclone, drought in Asia, floods in South American. Why?

A cyclone in Burma (Myanmar), earthquake measured 7.8 on the scale in China.

One hundred thousand people die from drowning in the water. Five thousand die in the earthquake.

The earthquake has something to do with nuclear testing. I guess so. Never get so high an earthquake in the Richter scale.

Look at the news of the world in the coming weeks. In the United States are forecast fiercest tornadoes. Time is changing. Mars can give us an example where can stop a beautiful planet, where the environment is not respected. Mars lost its water not like that. Something happened. Something serious. Something terribly serious

There, on Mars, got Pipelines, the famous pipes to carry water. I will show more evidence of these channels to carry water. Hopefully technology had yet available. We will have neither the technology nor the will nor the resources to pass a basic element of a country to another.

To the contrary, one country to the other interrupts the delivery of electricity or gas or oil as happens between Israel and Palestine, or Russia and the Ukraine.

Fireplaces were built high, so that the wind takes away the trash. It is Horrible, for those who have to go through one of these catastrophes, which kills many people.

If he survives, lives with the trauma of a tragedy for the rest of his life.

In one of these days or years we will have an earthquake or a tsunami in the crowd.

Today there is a tsunami in the U.S. currency. No one speaks. Nobody understands, but the earthquake is strong. I think one of the plagues of Revelation is going to hit us. The second is at the door. Hunger and Starvation. In less than two years will be more people dying on hunger than at AIDS or cancer.

War, I will not even talk. Food would be luxury for two, three billion people. The water is contaminated. There is No Longer Drinkable River in the world. The disease will soon sprout like mushrooms in a humid climate.

Europe will known the malaria, dengue fever, skin fungi, and other diseases that come with the high temperatures. A Mosquito can easily fly to Europe, while it’s hot. And that is already assured. The heat will continue.

The plagues of the Apocalypse are right around the corner.

Greetings Josef Bauer

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