Saturday, November 7, 2009

The dragon of Austria

dragon 150


Report: # 074

In the Austrian city, named Klagenfurt, is a sculpture of a Dragon, made all in bronze. He is named “the Lindenworm of Klagenfurt”

Why is there this monstrous? Was there in antiques times some similar to see?

I think so.dragon 450  dragon force was necessary to take flight?

In Austria it is said, was in ancient times, Dragons. But Dragons, who came flying  and his Odem was hot, hot as today a turbojet engine after a transatlantic flight.dragon 450x445 wings symbolized the power of flight?

The smell was similar to rotten eggs. A diesel-engine car with a bad injection, it smells so bad too.

Also the smell of his sweat was similar to an engine of a jumbo-jet.

Were the dragon might machines, swallowing a lot of fuel and burned this fuel in flight?

Its engines had swallowed thousands of gallons of chemical distillate, and inside was carried people. They said he has eaten them all.dragon of austria 560  The mouth, was the entrance to the carrier?

In these days, when traveling, we also enter inside a jumbo. It’s very similar with the Dragon.

The history of the Dragon is very strong in the faith of the people.

Something weird was there once in the air around Klagenfurt.

It may well have been a machine and the people who have described it as a Dragon.

Josef Bauer

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