Sunday, September 20, 2009

Because there is no water on Mars?

There is water on Mars?
The question not is: there is water on Mars?
The correct question is, because there is no water?
Separating scientific dogmas, and religious, you must change the question and put it at the Head.
The game of questions, my lords, is a political game. One, which makes the survey questions, should not be at academically level.
Not wise, that only people of a basic education make surveys on the street?
The questions develop super smart people. They also analyzed the result later. If you know much yourself, no longer are yours questions small, you will give explanations yourself before asking. It would be polluted with your opinions.
A question is a manipulation of opinion. A few times they ask, without a preselecting of possible answers.
If they ask for example: When it rains this afternoon, going to play sports outside, or stay in?
There is supposed to, or already confirmed, it will rain in the near future. It cuts you off with this confirmation. There is no possibility, no rain.
For jogging shoes you wear this brand or another. There already is, you’re going to wear shoes. You cannot go barefoot.
Another query example: think you that Jesus changed water into wine?
There, now confirms the existence of Jesus, only a few miracles from him, is questioned.
But now back to the water on Mars.
Water is one of the key elements of the universe. In one of its three physical states, hydrogen is present in every space of this universe.
Then their presence is not surprising. We have to wonder, your absence. The first and most important conclusion is that there was water on Mars. This confirmation comes from the analysis of many pictures of Mars. This in itself is the most important conclusion of today.
Thirty years ago, was not believed at all, that there are other planets outside the solar system. Today there is talk of more than two hundred planets identified. Rocky planets. Some confirmed, with molecules of hydrogen in its atmosphere. Now, with these new data can be analyzed the question, if there is still water, and if not, and it disappeared.
The time with water on Mars was long enough, to begin some form of life. What happened to this life when it collapsed around?
How they collapsed? Can happen to us as well?
Now we have Mars as the second planet in a single solar system, which had water. I do not speak yet, it is likely that the existence of water ice on Mars today yet. I speak not yet known because of the existence of water ice on moons of other planets in one solar system. In what is ours.
Water means life. At least, as we know it.
I do not speak of time spent on our land, where animals breathed methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen on the other hand, was deadly.
Because, just when the atmosphere collapse with the saturation of oxygen, when all life until then would suffocated and blood now on this new species that evolved on this disaster takes oxygen to the lungs of the new inhabitants .
Plants began now to grow and absorb carbon dioxide and exhale pure oxygen. The world has a gas in the air that recently was deadly to all living.
In no time, life getting acclimated to live in a new air, before toxic. Now we have planets with water in one of its physical states. Liquids. Ice, or in the air.
The moisture in the air known each, when it’s hot, and prepared a storm. There, at times, the air is to have 80 to 100 percent humidity. The Earth, Mars, Titan and other moons have some hydrogen in their physical forms.
Mathematically it is impossible to draw a lottery number winning five times. Philosophically, less than thirty years ago, think of a single planet outside the solar system, was ridiculous.
The possibility, found in a solar system, different places with water is very remote, but in five places, it is impossible, but the impossible, is in the photos, and data from NASA. What does this mean?
Finding water is nothing special. It’s normal.
Hydrogen is part of the universe. Then, having water, loses the factor of being impossible, and is labeled normal.
Water on a planet is normal. Do not talk about it. Now, do not find water, is the sensation.
Reaching an asteroid or a moon or a planet and not find water, and life, a sensation not is explained scientifically. How can a planet running out of hydrogen?
This loss, what provokes him? That must be studied now. Radiation: Heat in excess?
Explosions of hydrogen atoms in series? The hydrogen bomb can explode an entire sea. There are bombs that explode in one step all the hydrogen molecules.
If the sun shows it’s possible. But man made? Yes, well. The technology, it was used already. On other planets, we do not know.
This ring of asteroids that circulates in our system could be proof of an exploding hydrogen bomb. All the seas exploded in a second.
With this force has to burst any planet. And so it was. Life is not isolated. Life is not an exception. Think that the life is unique in the universe, this is a belief Egocentric.
Life is universal, and a sign of creation. Denying life on other planets, they deny the existence of God. Because God created the universe, to hostel life.
Greetings Josef Bauer

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