Monday, September 21, 2009

You cannot enjoy a sighting of a UFO, without interest in the stars.

Astronomy, and observing the stars, sometimes brings the wonder of a surprise sighting. It can be something of outside the solar system, like a shooting star, a comet, or star, which they move.

Some Stars, which emits a pulsating light. In some cases, have a light orange and fly on one of our cities. It must be understood that stars do not fly. The earth rotates and the stars that gives the appearance of movement. Who moves, is the earth.

These bright spots in motion, coming without warning, and they are going again. I do not try to know and to be able to identify everything that moves. No, we are far from that, but something is moving. Something made artificially.

To me, in the foreground, I do not care where they come from, and who builds it. It is something, by anyone, who knows how to build machines.

Philosophically, religiously, politically and scientifically because a correct identification, it has an immense value. In politics, if someone discovers the military, or scientific power, this do not like the powerful of this, or any other world. Not allowed, that someone make the discovery of the origin of these devices, before the scheduled time of revelation comes, more disgusted, if they are people outside of these institutions, whether here on earth, or in other worlds beyond.

Knowing where they come from, would mean a jump in philosophical dimensions. In case, the ships coming from other civilizations, we must think so much, but so much. We should ask, at what level then we are located. Religiously it would be a positive step. Following the discovery of other lives out there, the size of the creation would finally take its place in a universal religion. Egocentric thought would end, and geocentric.

It would not end the religion itself, but all religions have to delete many dogmas, and should try to unite the rules of their religions, and include as in science, something like a unified theory of all the positive forces.

I think a discovery would be a quantum leap to humans. We could break the shackles, knock down the walls, which not let us see the reality, and run to freedom. Freedom in thought, religion, even in politics. We could not run from responsibility. More responsibility we would have. More consistent would have to be every word, every gesture. But we should have respect for life, and I firmly believe that faith in God will have to enter in the hearts of all humanity.

The official confirmation, of a sighting, of a ship, that there come from a foreign civilization of ours, would consequently accompanied a new thought.

Religion and why not all the divided political forces around the world would feel a spiritual force, which would unite all mankind. We could be not more like black or white, as people of the north or south, we could be only children of this world and children of one god for all.

Greetings Josef Bauer

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