Friday, September 18, 2009

UFOs in Bell-Art

My intention with the publication of images under this tag UFOs/Bell-Art 01 is an encounter with UFOs lead to a higher level yet.

The sightings itself is already a very exciting emotion. Taking pictures of these sightings, and transformed into art, is unique.

Each photo, I’m going to present will be a witness to the existence of beings from other planets, also a testimony of human creativity.

Today, space and time separates us, to meet in space or on the planet of the origin of these beings, which are traveling in their ships.

Tomorrow, using our creativity will bring us safely in space and time.

There is nothing that the human man cannot do.

Also, these people began in the darkness of knowledge, and opened the door to the universe with studies, and crossings, surely difficult.

Give it time, and we join with all those who came forward in their studies, and discipline, as a society, think, and act together.

Millions brightest minds together in the realization of dreams, we will carry it with big jumps to a future even closer to the creator. Enjoy the road ahead. The presence of these beings shows us that our road goes to the universe. Greetings to all beings in this universe!

Greetings Josef Bauer


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