Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two UFOs flying in formation - a work in Ovni-Digiart

Report: 045.

Two UFOs in formation, flying in a beautiful night in South America.

The two bright balls in middle of the images are two UFOs real, witness by me. But changed en color and background transformed en false color. The origin of all the images showed in this series are sightings real's.

As always, I seek not to convince anyone that the photos are authentic. My own eyes have seen, what is in the photos. There is no better witness than myself.

For technological reasons, because of the distance, lens insufficiently strong, hand movements, and the aura of energy they are transmitting, it is always impossible to get a clear picture with details.

To me there is no more beautiful art that transform real extraterrestrial objects of this nature, to real objects, that is, transform into works of art.

The combination of something very transcendent, that is, an object of another world, presenting, as a silent witness, only with their beauty, not technological details, testifies. No one can dispute an expression of art. Artists see the world in colors, shapes, and frequencies. All these photos are irrefutable testimony of the beauty of the universe.

No matter, where they come from these objects.

No matter who builds, and use these space vehicles.

No matter, if they are products of humans with secret technology.

Anyway, see something bright in the night sky; see something unusual, it is always an inspiration. An inspiration, to have faith, not to lose the wonder of something great, never forget that all we are a creation of a single creator in a universe, interconnected with each other completely.

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 Josef Bauer

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