Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seven Tubes on Mars

 siete tubes_0


Seven tubes meet in a center where there was, or there is water in the underground on Mars. I believe that facts are constructions artificially, how the waterfalls or the pyramids

or el bunker

The structure of the arcs of these tubes is in all Pipelines found so far in a rectangular shape. These tubes are constructed in rectangular arched along their paths.siete tubes_1 Only the diameters of these tubes are constantly changing. But at the end of his trajectory are shrinking as a root of a tree. They are seeking water or bringing water to places like oil in a pipeline. siete tubes_2 Figure 2: the seven tubes on the circle (c) set out a connection pipe to a tank. The no. 1, chest tube that is partially visible, the rest of it is underground (in Mars soil land has no other name). The numbers 2-7 mark the tubes

Josef Bauer

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Link2: PSP_001390_1735/PSP_001390_1735_RED.NOMAP.browse.jpg


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