Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water on the moon are the news today

Different newspapers today brought an article about the confirmation of water on moon.

The water in the moon is surprising, even with the official recognition. The fact that there is water on Mars We already know a good time, though officially proclaimed and denied again and again. You know, that even the meteorites have accumulations of ice on its surface. Thousands and thousands of them collided in the course of years and millennia to the surface of the moon. This hydrogen, which comes with meteors not escape into space, although it vaporized on impact, but by the gravity exerted by the moon, like anybody retains this steam.

I say leave the influence of the moon. The soil of the moon is rocky, with sand and earth like here on earth, with a few more items and others can be in smaller proportion. Water usually enter the soil and looking for a way into the depths.

The depth, where any liquid remains trapped inside depends on the heat of a planet or moon. I think this pressure, exerted by the hot core toward the surface, puts it in a balance.

The lakes of various liquids underground cannot be downloaded without end, because the heat changes its liquid state, to a state of gas, from a certain temperature. Neither. This fluid can rise further, to the surface by its own force, because gravity does not allow this.

Then of course, that accumulates water in the deep. Another aspect is the hydrogen itself, which has everybody in space. No matter in the universe, which has no hydrogen atoms. Oxygen is not as common and not in such large quantities.

Where the two components from water H2O are, logically there is water. In an report of my Blog (because there is water on Mars) (porque no hay agua en Marte) , I said it is not surprising to find water, cientific surprise would be, not to find water in these bodies of solid matter.

But In another interview (life in the crater) (vida en el cráter) I explained that life on Mars are looking for low spots, and if possible in the craters’.

That probably are places more cool, but the roots are closer to the water in the depths. Interesting is this announcement, just days before the planned bombing of a crater on the moon.

Once again, we see, what the news are not surprisingly, as it does to us. They are well programmed. The connection, between news unfortunately is only after significant events.

Although the bombardment is stupid, this universal crime shows that they want to disclose with trumpets, the news there is water on the moon. The next step was the proclamation of life found, first as far microbes, and then will come the elephants.

Elephants in the moon nor are there, but if there are, there are. With an eye full of tears for the stupid and criminal bombing, and a laughing eye for the silly way of manipulating important information, how water and life on other planets, I say goodbye. Greetings Josef Bauer

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