Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life cannot be enclosed in a cage

Thinking, what this planet Mars suffered already, gives me great relief, to know that the asteroid not did him more scars. Tremendously sad to look at Mars how he stayed after losing running water on the surface.

i hope water is placed under the floor, and hopefully some plants, or some animals, and why not, want, and believe, that hopefully some intelligent beings, they can still survive on this planet brother.

Cruel would be, enjoying a clash over its surface. He already has enough injuries.

Without losing Seriousness, admittedly, there is, hidden or not recognizable or not, many possibilities, there was, or there is biological life on Mars. Life has no goals in appearance. No matter the look.

Two feet, or five feet do not care, breathing methanol or oxygen do not care, always, and when biological life can live in these conditions.

I tell you, evolution, or God in his creations has imagination enough, for the benefit of every corner of this universe. It’s made for life. The universe itself is alive.

Life isn’t enclosed in a cage.

A cage that is called Terra.

A cage that is called Forbidden.

A cage that is called Religion.

A cage that is called Science.

A cage that is called natural laws.

Everything is allowed to produce life. Life is the reason for god, not a barren rock, not a science, or religion, which prohibits life.

Life is omnipotent. Life has wings, and spirit, to reach all places, and so can give testimony of God throughout the universe.

So is creation. God is life, and where there is life, there is God. Life is not left locked Greetings Josef Bauer

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