Sunday, September 13, 2009

It is very sad to be alone.

Reflection: 007.

It is very sad to be alone.

A hand digger on Mars.

Tools to dig into hard ground. Or a freak of nature. I present the artifacts that meeting, but I cannot explain. Whatever, it would be a false explanation. Tool rusted and forgotten.
 Imitation of a tool, but in stone, like so many on earth.
 A fancy and deception to human eyes the nature of Mars.
 Abstract: ten or more rarities in a small space, giving rise to speculation about man-made artifacts, but one thing and another may be a hoax. The resolution of the pictures posted is very wrong.

Taking into account that our satellites on the earth moving at twice the distance, the satellites on Mars, but I am convinced that you can identify a person or your vehicle plate, in photos taken from this height. On Mars with less diffusion of air flowing through the half the height, would have to leave photos with more clarity.

Crisp images may come to earth.

The images released by NASA to the public, suddenly lose clarity.

If the artifacts are not suspects, suspicious if the quality of the photos.

I do not pay taxes in the United States, and have no right to ask NASA to provide us more quality. Neither this blog is for criticism. Rather, to awaken a sleeping mind, to awaken the interest of the enormous dimensions of the universe, and to show the beauty of it.

I told you once, no matter who's out there, better be glad, to have brothers out there.

It is sad to be alone.

It is sad to be locked up.

It is sad to be deceived.

So weak is our land, but also so nice compared to Mars. We are proud of our land; we can receive brothers from other parts of the world.

 Josef Bauer

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